Volvo XC90 Constructed with Legos

Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 Constructed with Legos

2006 Portland International Auto Show Volvo XC90 Constructed with Legos.
Volvo XC90 Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Vilzuplays says:

    How many bricks used?

  2. kirsty bush says:

    cool that`s amazing but don`t you mean lego not legos 

  3. Kirmes Andre says:

    Wow this is crazy

  4. lpn4nicholas says:

    Bull shit

  5. MrMoonatic says:

    was anyone else disappointed when the wheels weren’t lego? but really
    imagine what that thing weighs!

  6. Jeffrey Gao says:


  7. Nicole Moreno says:

    you sir have way to muck time on your hands

  8. TheValcyria says:

    shit!! coolt;)

  9. Max Rudmalm says:

    what a totaly awsome idea :D

  10. megaphantom216 says:

    finally thay made my dream car XD

  11. 5Julicos5 says:

    if you buy fom chinese factory the legos `1 tone =100 euro

  12. LeGuyIncognito says:

    Someone forgot the “Anti Aliasing” in the factory.

  13. Aidan Louser says:

    I wont wanna crash that car

  14. 2MoreEpicGamers says:

    Wonder how many lego bricks?

  15. BABarracus6 says:

    misssing sexy lady in a bikini made out of legos

  16. morion tax says:

    but will it blend?

  17. The most safest car in the world

  18. superfessel says:

    bet he just covered a car with legos

  19. phunetics says:

    it’s real life pixelation

  20. Lako4ever says:

    He just copied it from internet and pasted it in real life… he uses in
    real life cheats… Lol

  21. 8056jlopes says:

    It would suck to get into a accident with that

  22. TheLpslovers12345 says:

    Can you get in it. Oh can yo drive it to because I looks cool and who made
    it you or someone els

  23. PhsycoMidget123 says:

    Volvo trustfall!!

  24. sixtdfson says:

    VOLVO!!!! <3 AWESOME!

  25. Macatron87 says:

    imagine how long it would take to change…sorry i meant make a tire