Volvo XC60 Top Speed – 0-210km/hr

Volvo S80 Top Speed

Volvo XC60 Top Speed – 0-210km/hr

Volvo XC60 Top 2009 (T6 – 285hp) top speed run. It’s limited to 210km/hr but I changed to the 6th gear just to show you guys that the car has it! hehehehe.
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volvo s80 top speed question by SUCCESS!!: what is the top speed and acceleration of a 2009 volvo S80?
please tell me where you got this information! list all the websites!

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Answer by masstex8
From way overpriced to worth next to nothing in about 5 years..

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  1. BelviGER says:

    It’s limited to 210. I own a XC60 D5 with a Heico chiptuning (230bhp,
    460nm) and I had the limiter removed. I reached like 235 before “hitting”
    traffic. Oh and no, I wasn’t speeding, I’m from Germany

  2. malakas1973 says:

    @oooovalient i can tell you this.. a friend of mine bought the xc60 , he
    has the best impressions so far ! personally, i have not driven an xc60, i
    drive a volvo s40 and my next car whenever it will be, will be a volvo
    again.. complete satisfaction in every aspect… i am not saying audi is a
    bad car, of course it is not… Just stating my opinion ! the decision is
    completely yours !! good luck ! :)

  3. ToInfinity1 says:

    how exactly do you get rid off the limiter? it is possible?

  4. AdrianC12345 says:

    @ToInfinity1 Yep, take it to a tuneing company like Heico, or Evolve and
    they’ll get rid of it. Or any garage provided they know how to take it off.

  5. @Yvji84 can you get rid off the speed limit? or not?

  6. webdenis12 says:

    @lmcneice Then I have to go with Audi. I need to be at work ON TIME

  7. ToInfinity1 says:

    @AdrianC12345 cool! how much does it cost?

  8. mvl85lvm says:

    That cas is brand new, 200 km on the odometer…

  9. ClubbySuperCharged says:

    Your logic is invalid.

  10. kellogs345 says:

    @hatefuckingVOLVOS Oh man shut up Common ha

  11. bombinoibrahim says:

    hey man, u should check it out , coz i got the same suv with the t6 engine
    and its faster man so i think theres somethin wrong! or try another one in
    the sport mode not geartronic

  12. Philip Battersby says:

    @TrickKuk yeah…limited…for some reason…

  13. Nolan Jurado says:

    solo da 210 para un v8 es una burla hasta un cuatro cilindro llega a esa
    cifra y con menor caballaje

  14. Oscar Valiente says:

    I’m having such a hard time choosing between a volvo xc60 or and audi q5,
    any advice would be appreciated!!!

  15. Harrison Brooks says:

    It says 260MPH but could be governed to 155MPH but I am not sure. Now the acceleration for 0-60 is 6.8.

  16. The S80 V8 with a 4.4l engine produces 310hp,0-60mph in 6sec and the top speed is limited to 155mph. The S80 T6 with a 3l twin-scroll turbocharger produces 286hp,0-60mph in 6.8sec and the top speed is also limited to 155mph.