Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid: Unboxing Episode 2

Volvo V60

Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid: Unboxing Episode 2

Watch the Volvo team dismantle the new Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid.
Volvo V60 Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Cyril GUICHARD says:

    Volvo goes Hybrid!

  2. Sollehuddin SP says:

    +Volvo Cars US +Volvo Cars Do you think design is all about looks? It’s
    not. The V60 Plug-in Hybrid is designed with advanced aerodynamics to limit
    drag, increase efficiency and reduce emissions. 

  3. NeoTrucks says:

    WOW! The battery in the new V60 Plug-in Hybrid is ultra-small, but so
    powerful, it could run 240 laptops or 2150 smartphones!

  4. bramvdheijde says:

    Could you please tell me what music was used in the video?

  5. kuvceebxab1 says:

    I already have that’s how I know it’s not available for sale duh.Alot of
    this and that but no hardware.

  6. Jan Netherdrake says:

    please make same for S40 and Ill buy it…I love my S40

  7. EuroSon99 says:

    Exciting. Range will increase as the technology develops. We really need to
    go electric to become energy independent from nations like Russia,
    Saudi-Arabia, Iran and others. Giving money to nations you are mostly in
    disagreement with is a big mistake. Also we need to go electric to stop the
    rising prices that are starting to slow us down.

  8. xolotl92 says:

    Not for America…

  9. DevasionX says:

    wow! i so wanna get this car when im far enough! 280 HP with eletricity is
    actualy so awesome

  10. 9Diet5Pepsi says:

    You should try at your local Volvo dealer, they should be able to help you
    out :)

  11. Jos castro says:


  12. Andrey Niedens says:

    Dear Volvo, Is it possible to create the hybrid platforms (the thing, we
    may see in the video when the engineers have removed all top parts) for old
    models as well? I love my Volvo s80 1999, there is no problem with it, it
    may run for ages, but it loves gas very much :) It is the eternal

  13. duncan gaman says:

    Super geeky, love it!!

  14. kuvceebxab1 says:

    where can I buy one? no where. If you don’t plan to sell it why bothered
    showing it in the first place dumb Volvo.

  15. 9Diet5Pepsi says:

    I got mine last thursday :P They only made a certain amount, which was sold
    out pretty quickly.

  16. Nosa Nawras says:

    Omgpop send me here

  17. Anyone know what the music is on this advert?

  18. 9Diet5Pepsi says:

    Coming from a stickshift I had to get used to automatic transmission, but
    once you do, you really get a feel it responds directly to everything.
    Instant throttle,brakes and steering :) . I’ve driven about 300-500km and
    according to the fuel range meter thingy I’ve only used 20km of diesel :) (I
    have to drive many short trips for my job, so I can drive mostly on the
    electric motor.) I was lucky to order it really soon, that gave me a huge
    tax cut because it’s a hybrid :) ( ~44% over the cost :) )