volvo s80 v8 0 to 60

Volvo S80 V8 0-60

volvo s80 v8 0 to 60

me in my volvo doing 0 to 60 . had to slow down when i reached 85.
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  1. Javien Underwood says:

    could you do a complete sound test and bass test please it funny accually
    this is one of the 2 volvos i accually like i went to the dealership and
    the battery on the s80 was dead and the wont let you in the lots cars and
    ive checked all over youtube so now ive decide to ask someone so please get
    back with me soon or if anyone else want to post one just send me a message
    or something

  2. Moose Rack says:

    It only has 315 HP because it is severely restricted…It has four
    catalytic converters and a restrictive intake. With a free breathing intake
    and a high flow exhaust, this engine would put out at least 400 HP.

  3. slapshot759 says:

    I like your car.

  4. tomriley123 says:

    @MrCoffecup I have done it in 5.9 :)

  5. kellogs345 says:

    @MrCoffecup what do you mean with etanolshit

  6. Alex Jalaff says:

    Learn to speak english before posting here!

  7. Wow – This car is just a standard V8 (315BHP) Imagine a R version (even
    though it wouldnt sute the S80′s image)

  8. Yeah – The S80 v8 Sport is good enough

  9. MrCoffecup says:

    The best time i read was in Germany, 5.78 sec 0-100 km/h! No etanolshit.

  10. Bryan Shipley says:

    lols, serious? sure this isn’t a 3.2? my parents have one and I swear this
    seems like almost the exact same sound and acceleration. i could b wrong

  11. that is true. T5 has a lot less weight though.

  12. These probably could be faster with better gearing… still rapid
    though!!!!!!! Sounds awesome

  13. Wow – This car is just a standard V8 (315BHP) Imagine a R version (even
    though it wouldnt sute the S80′s image)

  14. engineroomapocalypse says:

    Or Swedish

  15. Skogstomten says:

    I agree=)

  16. It is, its a what 4.2 V8, the same car but T5 which is 2.5L 5cycl is faster

  17. deng

  18. The V8 seems pretty underpowered no? Surely it should be allot faster no?