Volvo S80 V8 0-200

Volvo S80

Volvo S80 V8 0-200

S80 0-200 km/h.
Volvo S80 Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Volvo S80 question by harkkam: Should I buy a 2000 Volvo S80 with 98k miles for 7k?
I was wondering if Buying a 2000 Volvo S80 with 98k miles on it for 7k was a good deal and if Volvo’s are known to last long? How long can a volvo last?

Volvo S80 best answer:

Answer by sittin.on23s
ive heard they last longer than honda’s, if u like the car go for it

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  1. ståle starheim says:

    automatic gearbox… why put a shitbox in a car like that?
    no wait, maybe because of MERICA!!! and other people who cant drive a stick

  2. MrDard123 says:

    it looks pretty slow, my v40 1.9 turbodiesel would stay with it up to

  3. TheLeathemm says:

    Thats pretty fast. The s80 is quite large. Youth can see that torque
    working in second gear. Would even be faster if you brake launched it with
    about 2000 rpm

  4. yamahaevo says:

    @TheRazjell No it’s the new pockomon with leaf attack

  5. JKWR423 says:

    @ajustice4all Your old.

  6. PepsiTasteLikeCoke says:

    @matthewdaniel1000 no

  7. herrschernrw says:

    Der Volvo hat im vergleich zu Modellen Baujahr 2000 clk 500 306ps. BMW 740
    286ps und BMW 750 326ps alles v8 keine shnutte gerade ab 180 kmh wird’s
    peinlich ….

  8. janu185 says:

    proste kurwa wiking

  9. squeekedice says:

    Yes Yamaha did build this engine FOR Volvo, from Specs and Design FROM

  10. Porsche Maniac says:

    @DoubleImprint Does it look manual to you with the “D” showing right at the
    center of the RPM gauge?

  11. looncraz says:

    A turbo-charged engine has its torque from so low that it readily
    out-performs engines with almost double the cylinders in 0-60 times, fuel
    economy, reliability, etc… The only real difference is the turbo-lag…
    I’m still confused as to why Volvo chose to offer a V8… I guess it was
    the Ford marketing people…

  12. bushwalker75 says:

    yamaha v8

  13. TheRazjell says:

    @S70RRacer Awww… Im so surprised, how long u translete that? :D I know
    most of things about engines cuz im mechanic but u need to start to know…
    And sorry… There is no possible way to V6 will better even R4 turbo…
    Dont care about ur opinion cuz ure kid without brain… Ofc u can still
    believe BMW is greatest car haha!! :D

  14. ertanaga39 says:

    Volvo for ever…. VOLVO POWER…..


    @betas really?

  16. owneroftheworld says:

    I sure hope that does not happen, after all, it’s german engeneering. If it
    does happen, we will not buy BMW again and go back to audi. Or maybe the
    new S class..hmm. But so far the BMW M550d has been epic so stfu :) ps tits
    or gtfo

  17. GottfriedvonCramm says:

    fucking fast for a fat car

  18. Matthew Daniel says:

    I love Volvo. It is a pity, that they have stopped producing their V8
    engines… :(

  19. Kevin Otero says:

    Foolongtea is correct, this is a Yamaha engine. This 4.4L engine is based
    on Yamaha’s 5.3L “350 HP” 4-stroke V8.

  20. that sounds like a great deal for an s80. Those things were in the 40K’s new I think…

    They should last to at least 200K if taken care of

  21. jeepsarecool says:

    Sounds like a ok car. Price seems a bit high to me.

  22. I have heard they r pretty good cars and lets face it “7k” is not a lot of $ these days

  23. Volvos are considered to be one of the best cars on the road and for that price it seems like a stel just make sure its 98k and not 98m that is quite a difference but if it runs good I would take it.
    Most Volvos are 40,000 and above new.

  24. Arthur O says:

    On the surface this seems like a decent deal but when you look deeper you find that the S80 was problematic, especially during the first two years of its existence, 1999 and 2000. Transmission problems and electrical gremlins abounded in these cars and it took Volvo a few years to get them solved, if ever. I would be very careful and very wary of this car. If you decide to buy it, I think you should insist on having a copy of all the service records for it. If the owner cannot provide them, walk away. Personally, I would not purchase any Volvo later than the 940 model. That’s just MY opinion since I cannot speak for any of the other satisfied Volvo owners.

  25. storitman says:

    get a 1990 240 instead….you can pick one up under $ 2000….mine has 230,000 miles on it and still does 80mph on the freeway…at 30mpg to boot….(4cyl automatic)

    $ 7000 for that car is WAY too much….try $ 4500 to be real….I bought my daughter a 2004 s60 for 15K on a lot…2 YEARS AGO….with less than 20k miles on it….that 2000 s80 is extremely overpriced.

  26. genesis_toy_and_hobby says:

    volvos on average last about 18Years. When I worked at the local dealership we had some customers above 500,000 kms
    Great Cars. IMHO