Volvo Oxygen Sensor Replacement (850 Turbo Front, Rear) FCP Euro

Volvo S80 Oxygen Sensor

Volvo Oxygen Sensor Replacement (850 Turbo Front, Rear) FCP Euro ▻ Ben McNally loves his oxygen, and he’s here today to walk you through a complete swap of front and rear O2 sensors on a 1996 Volvo 850 T with OEM Bosch…
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  1. Volvo Oxygen Sensors are a vital emissions component.

    We’ll show you how to replace the front & rear O2 sensors on your Volvo

  2. Egghead820 says:

    do both sensors need to be the same brand? I replaced mine two different
    brands but I’m still getting the same check engine light codes

  3. Debi Bryan says:

    I have an 850 GLT wagon that will be receiving a new down pipe and exhaust
    system courtesy of the in-house mechanic. Are you of the opinion that the
    O2 sensors have enough slack, with the frame clips removed, to allow for
    the sensors to be removed without disconnecting them as shown in this
    video? My compliments to FCP on the quality and the DIY motivation element
    in their videos. It makes you confident in working on these cars. DGBryan

  4. Volvo Oxygen Sensors are a vital emissions component.

    We’ll show you how to replace the front & rear O2 sensors on your Volvo

  5. O2 sensors can REALLY be rusted in there. Wipe the penetrating oil off of
    the sensor where the wrench contacts the sensor: even the slight degree of
    slickness that results from this small amount of oil can be the difference
    between stripping the hexagonal portion of the sensor, or not.
    If you have the time, I recommend that, over the course of an hour, spray
    the sensors with penetrating oil every 10 minutes, then tap them several
    times with a (preferably small) hammer.
    The extra room you’ll have driving the vehicle up onto ramps first can be a
    big help, especially when you need room to resort to a big wrench.
    The clip that attaches the sensors’ leads to the vehicle is ingenious: when
    being closed, it simultaneously presses into contact AND locks together AND
    protects the ends of the leads.
    Note that some replacement O2 sensors have to be spliced into the existing
    sensor wiring, so be careful removing the sensor if you plan to use this
    type of replacement.
    Don’t be afraid to put additional anti-seize on the threads: even THEN,
    they’re STILL hard to remove later.

  6. wallmunky503 says:

    Is this procedure the same for the p80 s/v70 series?

  7. Chackers says:

    Can you expect new O2 sensors to improve your gas mileage? Thanks for the

  8. Great video thanks. Looks like I may just tackle this job myself now.

  9. zeptowho says:

    is the non turbo 850 the same procedure it would be great to have your feed
    back great video by the way

  10. shredddr69 says:

    are the sensors the same for the naturally aspirated 850 and the 850 turbo?
    I have a bad rear o2 sensor in my 850 turbo wagon and want to know where to
    pick one up CHEAP, since we’re selling the car. Thanks!

  11. FCP Euro says:

    Yup, you got it. 22mm

  12. futureboycolin says:

    You’re a lucky man McNally! All these amazing parts, your car must run like
    a gazelle!

  13. Andres Cardenas says:

    Thanks for vid, I buy parts for my Volvo from you guys all the time.

  14. I just did it on my car, thanks! :D

  15. FCP Euro says:

    Glad we could help!

  16. Melvin Robinson says:

    i have a 2001 v70 t5 i bought both front and back from fcp. Are they in the
    same area? PS Whats the difference in FCP EURO and Groton?

  17. mongo bongo says:

    Thank you for doing these videos. It will help us keep our dear volvos on
    the road forever :)