volvo c30 vs. defender

Volvo C30 Brake

volvo c30 vs. defender

short car chase with 100 feet jump over a volvo truck.
Volvo C30 brake Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. where the scene is taken from?

  2. M.g Productions says:

    You all know that the C30 havent made that jump right ??? :’(

  3. maxfan4ever says:

    wow, really? a volvo c30 can do this jump?

  4. awesome

  5. dirtbike4life18 says:

    wish I could do that D:< *Jealous*

  6. paulgilbertJR says:

    woah thats amazing!!!!!! ******

  7. SexxiDoll1 says:

    nice vid. subbed

  8. momsedimapunk says:

    @jakesy666 this volvo is turbo’ed

  9. makeezmoneyonline says:


  10. shit car. shit jeep.

  11. rochablumenkron says:

    of course not, see one of the shoots, the car is notoriously facing the
    floor and about to crash, and all of the sudden we see the car ‘landing’ on
    the ground, it’s well edited, but i don’t buy this, it’s a good video

  12. I wanna know the name of the song. Does anyone know?

  13. Jenny22Lee says:


  14. For the sake of my sanity what is the name of this song/artist?!

  15. make more vids like this. i love it

  16. landyrover4x4 says:

    if that were a wildcat chasing that volvo……. i dont need to say!!

  17. stuntcooordinator says:

    damn….! nice jump! is this a red bull truck?