Volvo C30 T5 Burnout

Volvo C30 Burnout

Volvo C30 T5 Burnout

Just bought new tires and wanted to toast the old ones a little bit. E-Brake is full engaged, hence why i drag the rear wheels. turbo 2.5 inline 5 cyl with a…
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  1. CarburetorZzz says:

    damn that sound

  2. Dualshock21 says:

    i thought t5 was 4 wd

  3. Robert Jensen says:

    does… does anyone read the description? O wait HA! this is youtube. Who
    does that kinda thing anymore? “extreme driving” Win for tags

  4. Justin Case says:

    how does it feel to ruin a 50+ thousand dollar car? lol!

  5. Brickbox8398 says:

    haha the guy in the end was pissed

  6. theflea200 says:


  7. ToInfinity1 says:

    apparently someone is unhappy about your burnout at the end… lol

  8. Ibrahim Mujic says:

    haha stupid americans xD He does not destroy the clutch just because he
    does a burnout xD. In my country you can by an c30 for €10 000-15 000

  9. beechface1 says:

    your also gonna fuck up your clutch and driveshafts

  10. giggidy giggidy

  11. Pedro Rohling says:

    @patrikk777 Like if u can drive an RWD properly!

  12. beechface1 says:

    $50,000 for a c30????

  13. Ramzi Eid says:

    In my country they are selling the C30 T5 r-design with not all the options
    for 52k

  14. Haha I did the in the neighborhood once .

  15. AceSkater says:

    Well 20k miles later, car is still here and running strong. no clutch
    issues. no driveshafts. still good :)

  16. Jack O'Neill says:

    oh yeah, tell me how he ruined it!?

  17. Jeff Dauby says:


  18. thom sever says:

    50 thousand ? where do u live. cause here it cost 33k € for the r desing
    with some options.

  19. Shadowpillar says:

    volvo c30, 50k? lolol

  20. Jack O'Neill says:

    you dont fuck up your cluch by doing one burnout