Volvo C30 hatchback 2007 – 2012 review – CarBuyer

Volvo C30 Engine

Volvo C30 hatchback 2007 – 2012 review – CarBuyer

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Volvo C30 engine Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Sale_Shark says:

    Nice looking small hatch, I wish they’d built the Polestar AWD version and
    gawjuss in Swedish Racing Green !!!

  2. Matthew Bang says:

    Thumbs up if you think he should be one of next top gear presenters

  3. thetwopointslow says:

    everything feels very well–*smack*–BUILT

  4. timpj1991 says:

    I have a volvo c30 with only the aux input. is it posible to find a male
    aux to a female usb cable ?

  5. I like the Volvo C30 – have a 2007 2L SE and its great to drive. I enjoy
    driving it and its really comfortable. My small dog travels in the boot and
    she loves going out in the car.

  6. thetwopointslow says:

    Actually gallons are different sizes here too. If I remember correctly, the
    British gallon is a bit smaller than ours

  7. carshionds says:

    Ah~,Remaked VOLVO480??? yes sure,I thinking VOLVO1800ES is.

  8. Karumi Tao says:

    i don’t know but i don’t like the design of this car.

  9. very nice front tbut very hideous back

  10. davey2blueMAGIC says:

    can someone tell me why the US gallon is abit smaller than a gallon? its
    just silly

  11. Damn Volvo, they killed the S40 and the C30. IMHO a great mistake, forcing
    us to either an S60 or the damn V40 hatchback…not that I dislike the S60,
    but I am sure that an update for the S40 would had been awesome in terms of
    sales. Heck, i would had loved to update my 2011…

  12. okjoeyjoe says:

    Why was the T5 (or even D5) R-Design not reviewed instead of this boring
    version, I’m sure the review would have been much better

  13. AnthonyUK says:

    @MatWatsonCarbuyer You are correct actually, the Scirocco TDI is slightly
    more capable of taking two adults in the back and manage a little bit of
    shopping, it’s better than this.

  14. davey2blueMAGIC says:

    lol you have just described the volvo s40! not every car needs to take 4
    6ft adults. theres a car out there thats perfect for everyones needs,
    personally the volvo c30 if perfect for me n thats why i have one

  15. cartouchator says:

    74 MPG ? WHAAT ? that’s like.. 3.2L/100km ? WTF ? that must be a mistake ,
    not possible

  16. Iuri Pereira says:

    The rear is like the best thong about the outside, makes the car look
    sinister :)

  17. hnmrubiks says:

    review the volvo xc90 R series !!!

  18. Lumos-Nox says:

    im sorry, I live in the U.S. and what 74mpg?? I don’t understand! Do we
    have cars that have that here or what? Is it the same in the U.S. or are
    the MPG’s measured differently?

  19. this guy loves crappy ford focus bet hes got one a he talks about it in
    every video