Volvo 740 goes airborne

Volvo Jump

Volvo 740 goes airborne

Hoppar över väg med 1450kg tung Volvo 740 i Kungsängen Stockholm. Jumping over a road with ~3200lbs. Volvo 740 in Kungsängen Stockholm, Sweden.
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  1. Onkel Deerh says:

    *Framtung Volvo 740 :P 

  2. Dragst3er says:

    schrott karre

  3. AmericaDoesItBest says:


  4. homenucleonic666 says:

    dude, it’s a crime

  5. M Hesselgren says:

    @amokachi31 i have lite 10 volvo700s, i love them! but not if they are
    rusted out.

  6. hackachi - chan says:

    jävla fitta lär dig ta hand om bilarna ist

  7. HelloNiggasAndME says:


  8. Get4Instinct says:


  9. Brinken Performance says:


  10. Dovydas Zubrevicius says:

    rally car :D

  11. how to ruin a car in 12 seconds!

  12. Regga90 says:

    Spamma 5, Vattenplaning! :D

  13. calle ytterbring says:

    haha fan va nice

  14. Limeslight says:

    I can not agree with you. Yes, It’s an old car, but I really love it. Volvo
    is a good and reliable car.

  15. Alessio S says:

    must pass that test before going into production! like they tested the
    nokia 3310 dropping it 2 floors down on concrete and still had to be able
    to function well after reassembling battery and outer sheldon.

  16. FourSeasonsHD says:

    “Dad! Can we borrow the Volvo tonight?” “Sure. Just drive carefully…”