The Auto Channel Presents the Volvo XC60 Concept Car

Volvo XC60

The Auto Channel Presents the Volvo XC60 Concept Car

The Volvo XC60 concept would be part of the small premium SUV market, if it goes into production. It’ll be unveiled to the media and public at the 2007 NAIAS…
Volvo XC60 Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. André Thonet says:


  2. That is such a cute car! I likess!! (:

  3. spoochmonkey says:

    too much tech or not, it is still beautiful. they better make that volvo
    first before any other new volvo and produce it just like it is. very nice
    job steve mattin!

  4. Niksa Bursac says:

    too much electronic :(

  5. Jose Castro says:


  6. David Elliott says:

    Gotta love Volvos

  7. maccollectorZ says:

    Wow, I thought this was new… Then I look and it had been uploaded in
    2007. And I was hopeful. :(

  8. Very true projective. I own a volvo 240 and also w124 mercedes. Easy to fix
    and very reliable

  9. p3kranger98 says:

    omg another crossover 6 cylinder piece of junk!go lease one!

  10. Anna Jasinska says:

    shit car

  11. randomguyodst46 says:


  12. eccellente .complimenti!

  13. kiitos12345 says:

    Hate to say this as a Finn, but that is one hot SWEDISH car…

  14. Bring back VOLVO !!! i want one !!

  15. Mishatko1 says:

    If the stupid money system didn’t exist, we’d all could drive these cars no
    problem already for yeeeears ago!!! Instead human population slowing their
    living life style and development down, just because of the few people of
    the world want to keep richer than the rest!!!! Cars like this wont be on
    the market for next 100 years, just because we are all blind and stupid.

  16. arturin rabag says:

    why the fuck they didnt leave it like the concept the concept was beatifull
    but the new one look still old

  17. Yousef Ahmad says:

    its alright. I think they should take some windows off the roof and put
    just a normal trunk door to open faster, OH AND not white seats not white
    seats for a family suv

  18. the interior is dope

  19. bhaskar narula says:

    Love the car….have been looking at it since a couple of weeks…..
    Seriously thinking of joining the Volvo family. Was surprised
    though…looking at this video check the frame at exactly 1:00 min on the
    time counter. Surprise….the logo is sloping in the opposite side. HOW ??
    Don’t tell me its a reflection.

  20. pornocastingcrew says:

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    5 Stars