Subaru AWD vs. Everyone Else

Volvo Xc90 Awd Test

Subaru AWD vs. Everyone Else

This video was a recap for Subaru Sales Associates and affiliates that participated in a driving event pitting Subaru against its core competition. These tes…
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  1. Omni Potent says:

    Where’s Audi? Ahahaha dumb ass Subaru

  2. Bob Onthis says:

    386 people here screwed up and didn’t buy a Subaru … Subaru AWD the best
    PERIOD !!!!

  3. IntelGoesHard says:

    subarus only do well in those tests with the wet road steering because they
    understeer like a motherfuck. That volvo driver was trying to spin it too

  4. Samuel Qian says:

    lololol, Volvo needs to work harder. looks like the salesman had a hard
    time believing

  5. Francesco Versace says:

    Toyota still looking for technology in their dictionnary.

  6. speedweigand says:

    That’s that most propaganda I’ve ever seen in 10min

  7. Patrick Lim says:


  8. Johnathon Tucker says:

    this is the fakest test ive ever seen

  9. vince culum says:

    at 6:08 you can tell the volvo driver grab the ebrake to slide rear out of
    control! soo fake as shit! I have a v70 FWD and handles great in rain has
    tracs control and i’ve took turns a 40mph real hard and it didn’t look like
    this act! lol..

  10. Vincent BUZZ says:

    Subaru are the best and the first too make awd the other companies just
    copied the

  11. Danyell Thomas says:

    This is so fake I have a subaru and the traction is horrible and no it
    isn’t my tires and its not my driving I only go about 5 mph when the roads
    are bad and all these other AWD vehicles pass me. I want my 4 wheel drive

  12. Clay Martin says:

    is it just me or do these seem rigged?

  13. Henry Gomez says:

    Wheres jeep??

  14. 5FaLlEn5 says:

    These guys lol horrible video

  15. DexMaster881 says:

    If its a contest where is 4matic? Or the criteria is only ones that Subaru
    can outpreform… XD


    .The best awd is new audi 2013. delivers to the only tire that need the
    torcue and not both fronts or rears tires 

  17. Kelvin Cao says:

    The last part is fake. They even not step on the gas!!

  18. 岳亦辰 says:

    I think 4motion did well too

  19. Charles Boisvert says:

    You must give gas for the real time work. If you release your foot it’s
    impossible for the realtime to work great.

  20. Vincent Millette says:

    Go test a SH-AWD of Acura. You can’t compare a volvo vs a subaru com on !
    take a Xc90 t6 engine with insta-traction 2007+ series sure at 90% it ‘s
    gonna climb that hill. a Cr-v dont have enough power in her little engine,
    you compare such a different engine its ridiculous 

  21. MrOramato says:

    Lapua Mag…Upon what do you base your claim?

  22. USGiorgi says:

    On the roller test, look at how they make the subaru accelerate at the
    begining to use the momentum to bring it up the ramp. On every other car,
    they drive very slowly. It’s a BS test and in the other tests, use the same
    tires on all cars. I can take a civic on slicks around the track faster
    than an evo on bald or snow tires. So… Once again, BS test. 

  23. HotelGolf82 says:

    This is to much. No hard feelings towards Subaru, but the makers of this
    video really needs traing when it comes to being objective.

  24. Vincent BUZZ says:

    so all other models suck ass.