Spicy Volvo? New 2010 Volvo XC60 Tested

Volvo XC60 Engine

Spicy Volvo? New 2010 Volvo XC60 Tested

FULL VOLVO XC60 INFO @ INSIDELINE.COM: http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Drives/FullTests/articleId=147526?tid=edmunds.il.home.photopanel..1.* After drivi…
Volvo XC60 engine Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Gulf Coast Auto Brokers of Sarasota says:

    After driving the 2010 Volvo XC60 through our slalom test at 65.1 mph — the
    second-fastest speed we’ve recorded in this vehicle segment — two
    observations were easy to make: 1) This SUV handles — probably better than
    it needs to; 2) will anyone care?

    After all, we don’t know any Volvo owners who list “lightning-quick
    reflexes” among their top purchase priorities. But maybe that’s just it.
    Maybe Volvo is expanding its horizons. You certainly won’t catch us
    complaining that any crossover utility vehicle handles too well.

    As a result, one thing is certain: Volvo realizes that performance is a
    priority in this segment. And by that measure, yes, people will care. But
    there are other benefits as well.

  2. 4300 lb “small” vehicle? I think they overplayed that angle. 

  3. TheCarArchives says:

    the 2008-present Volvo XC60 is assembled in Ghent, Belgium

  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ . . . .Tire Pressure Monitor Rear Center Armrest USB+iPod
    connection *Volvo is not alone, though, as nearly all luxury vehicles in
    Europe come with less standard features than their American counterparts.
    This is the case with Lexus, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, etc, etc. This is
    probably due to the fact that we, as Americans, need to SEE what we are
    paying for, and do not often take into account solely build quality. This
    is not a fault, just an observation.

  5. Alex Povolotski says:

    I need it and I’m getting it.

  6. , , ubuibiok says:

    thx….Canada to Florida is a good brake in distance

  7. Alex Povolotski says:


  8. are you fucking stupid? i didnt call anyone gay and i didnt say anything
    about gay ppl apart from the fact that they’ve got style. Reading
    comprehension, friend, is a useful thing in this life.

  9. big shot.

  10. I don’t know why people think small means UNluxurious.

  11. audigiovanni says:

    i don’t like SUVs, but they are looking better now than a few years

  12. This is the most un-Volvo-like Volvo ive ever seen. This car actually isnt

  13. review the q5 too

  14. Samuel Lawford says:

    The volvo xc60 is really the safest car on the road today and crash tests
    prove it, in ANCAP (australian version of NCAP) the xc60 scored 36.53 out
    of 37 which is the highest result recorded so far. This is in comparision
    to the 2008 mercedes ml which scored 33.97 out of 37, the land rover
    freelander 2 which got 34.84 out of 37, saab 95 32.56 – 37. Compare it to
    any other car on ANCAP and the volvo xc60 always comes out on top for crash
    test results.

  15. KnoxKnowsBest says:

    gay men will love it!!!!!!

  16. isnt’ this thing much bigger than the GLK and Q5?

  17. JayJay88338 says:

    I had a played at the GPS when I test drove the XC60 and it works well very
    acurate. The control on the column is very easy for the drive plus there is
    a remote control for the passengers to navigate too. Don’t know why they
    said it’s hard to use!!! Also the boot is the roomiest out of the Q5, X3 &
    X1, back seat space is more than adequate. Road feedback with new power
    steering will be even better. Go check it out for yourself.

  18. Oh finally, a good looking volvo!!! This one just looks awesome!!!

  19. ChillBuddha says:

    Guy on my street has one in a beautiful snow white. Looks so good,
    especially during the night, with the shape of its lights and its
    silhouette… Best Crossover available right now

  20. That’s probably because they are the most economical option, and people are
    probably more economically-sensible over there. Can’t forget that diesel is
    often much more expensive here, too. Also, Volvo’s in America are
    considered quite luxurious, nearly all being equipped with leather, etc. As
    I understand it, European Volvos can be relatively frugal as well.

  21. @MrLowAltitude Thanks man! It sure is a fantastic car. I don’t even know
    why people would go for the BMW X5 when this baby is on the market

  22. OneOfaKind949 says:

    I’d rather buy an Infiniti EX37… 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds. You get a lot
    more bang for your money. Infiniti has better technology, reliability and a
    sportier drive. With that said, Infiniti’s come from the same car company
    that makes the mighty GTR.

  23. the look of the q5<3