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Volvo S80 Window Regulator

Saab Window Regulator Roller Replacement (9-5, 9-3, 900 & Volvo 850, S70, V70) – FCP Euro ▻ Does your 9-5, 9-3 or 900 have issues rolling the window up and down? It’s not an uncommon problem for a Volvo 850, S70 …
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volvo s80 window regulator question by : Window off track in 2000 volvo s80?
the window came off track on the passenger side of my 2000 volvo s80. all the way off track now and looking in the door 1 of the 2 arms seems to be way lower than the other, like 2 low. it goes almost if not strait down 6 oclock in the rolled down completely position. doesn’t look normal. i’m bout ta take off the motor since it’s the only thing not pop rivited on and see if i can reset the arm positions unless there is a reason i shouldn’t or somebody can tell me something i dont know …..which isn’t much. i have tried putting those littlte square blue plastic pieces that you put the little metal pins on that go on the swing arm knobs that slide into the two metal backets attached to the window……but then when i went to go roll it the fucker popped off on me again. it was kinda a bitch getting that shit on there and obviously i’d think that arm position is why it fell off in the first place so………

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Answer by Michael S
You’d do well to find illustrations of the window regular.
I have a Grand Marquis that I’m doing the same to. On mine, you have to take out the motor and regulator in one pieces and separate them before you put a new regulator onto the motor and put the whole unit back in. Has rivets also and it is a pain.
Look up your window regulator on a parts site and see what you are dealing with.

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  1. FCP Euro says:

    Our Saab’s window was broken stuck down, we opened up the door and found a
    little plastic roller to be the culprit, see how we replaced it:

  2. jnj144k says:

    This is awesome. Thanks

  3. Johnno Chard says:

    thank you. very helpful.

  4. Daniel Stevenson says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! My passenger window went a few months
    back, but I got it to at least stay up. Now my drivers side rear window did
    the same thing and unfortunately I cannot get it to stay up. I was going to
    purchase a entire regulator set when I really didn’t need to. Thanks for
    the great video and it’s going to save me a lot of money that I did not
    need to spend.

  5. FCP Euro says:

    Our Saab’s window was broken stuck down, we opened up the door and found a
    little plastic roller to be the culprit, see how we replaced it:

  6. stefan semchyshyn says:

    Great help. thank you.

  7. Mike Sullivan says:

    Just replaced the rollers on driver side front window today. Great walk
    thru–thanks for posting! 

  8. Bob Davis says:

    That was a very clear, detailed video. I need to replace the drivers side
    window regulator on my Saab 9-5 2007 sedan. Can you tell me how many more
    steps or instructions for this? Outstanding video with simple instructions
    and high def – learned a lot so thank you.

  9. bobble4293 says:

    Thank you for posting the Saab window regulator repair. Mine just broke
    this morning. It wasn’t frozen, it appeared the vertical seal at the rear
    of the glass folded into the channel, causing resistance. Anyone else had
    this? It’s a pain!

  10. Question, the video was great & followed it replacing the roller on the
    passenger side door, but the ball joint keeps popping out of the regulator
    roll towards the rear of the door. Any thoughts?

  11. FCP Euro says:

    @nissepissed You’ll have to take the door panel off to see for sure. The
    green rollers are quite often the culprit.

  12. bigz fart says:

    ive been driving around with a bad window for months now. so glad i found
    this video. thank you so much

  13. FCP Euro says:

    Glad we could help!

  14. EricTheCarGuy says:

    Very cool.

  15. FCP Euro says:

    No sense guessing, get a read on that check engine light and move on from

  16. vettwhy02 says:


  17. Matthew Campbell says:

    Excellent video. I’ve done this job myself but found it extremely difficult
    to get the ball joints to pop into the rollers and had to use a G clamp at
    one point. I’m not exactly feeble either. Guess I just had some tough ones.
    Thanks for the video though.

  18. FCP Euro says:

    That’s an great point, thanks for commenting!

  19. Nick Kendell says:

    That could explain it! I have a UK 1999 9-5 estate 2.3L petrol,SE spec.
    Possibly the most comfortable car I have ever owned. Truly excellent video.

  20. FCP Euro says:

    They’re similar, but a slightly different shape, check the description
    above, I’ve put a link in there to our site where you can purchase them for
    just a few bucks. Hope that helps.

  21. Tanner Newcomb says:

    Do the same rollers work on the rear windows of an 02 9-3? I haven’t been
    able to find a definitive answer anywhere online. Thanks!

  22. MALCOLM OWEN says:

    Very Clean and precise instructural Video, I now have the confidence to
    check this job out after watching the show. Thank you for doing this.

  23. Stephen Grout says:

    I’ve been told you can avoid the difficulty of positioning the clips on the
    rollers after the window is positioned by leaving the clips on the rollers
    while the window is still out. The explanation was that the spindle on the
    regulator will snapp past the clip just as it does the roller with
    pressure. Have you tried this? Does anyone else know if it works?

  24. scruffy412 says:

    Like your tats man!