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Volvo C30 Engine

Jay Leno’s Garage: Volvo C30 Polestar

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Volvo C30 engine question by ilovecamry4e: First car: Did Ford ruin Volvo? (c30)?
Ok, so I’m buying my first car. I really like the Volvo c30 but I’m a little apprehensive because Volvo is now owned my Ford and Ford doesn’t really have a reputation as a long-lasting car anymore. So my questions are; does the fact that Ford owns Volvo will it change the quality of the car? Is the Volvo c30 a good car for a 17 year old girl? (I’m going to be driving a lot, like 3,000 miles a month) And if its not a good car what do you recommend?
Thank you so much!

Volvo C30 engine best answer:

Answer by Somethingtotry
Volvo quality began going downhill before Ford bought them, but it has gotten worse. Do not keep any Volvo past when the warranty expires otherwise you will be spending a great deal of money to keep it on the road.

By the way, Ford is trying their best to sell Volvo and rumors are flying about a possible Chinese buyer.

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  1. Maximise5 says:

    No hood lining. Is that so the engine noise can be heard ?

  2. Melissa Bowl says:

    I love my c30 t5 r design. Only have seen two since I bought my 2009 in
    April. One on the highway the day I bought it and one during Christmas.
    He (Gibbs) handles perfectly. Goes fast enough to appease my lead foot
    but doesn’t stick out when I need to blend in and not get that ticket.
    LOL!! My friend and I actually chased down an army guy in uniform on a
    motorcycle who had passed me, just to blow him a kiss while passing him to
    thank him for his service. Love the BDU’s. His eyes lit up like we had
    made his day. I’m prior military with a tag and beep sticker from my
    battalion on the back,so I made sure he saw it when I passed him. I would
    bet he told his buddies about it the following Monday when he reported back
    for duty. 

  3. Andre Boschen says:

    swedish racing green……awesome

  4. Alex Castro says:

    “eet ees a vive seelynder volvo”

  5. wolf lupus says:

    VOLVO yeah baby!

  6. Hans is gonna pump,you up!

  7. simppeli92 says:

    new faster twilight car ;P

  8. charles xavier says:

    No traction control? I’ll just keep dreaming then….. 

  9. Tex Bailly says:
  10. Andre Boschen says:

    swedish racing green…..:-))))))

  11. yogatriathlete says:

    3086 LBS

  12. rendi prabowo says:

    keren beraat

  13. Oscar Gustafsson says:

    i’m from Sweden and Saab dosen’t excist anymore they are bankrupt.

  14. I thought that was SAAB ?

  15. BigVtheVanity says:

    some rich commies Chinese guy own it now.

  16. Royal Ham says:

    Thought Volvo was dead.

  17. Suffian Amiruddin says:

    The amount of denim they are wearing, Are Too Damn High!

  18. Shame c30 is now discontinued.

  19. Jonus Racing, look them up if you love Audi 5 Cylinders with high boost!

  20. 450 freaking horsepower!!!! Rally car…

  21. MrStr8shooter says:

    I really like the paint color looks really nice would love to have a car
    just like this sweet machine

  22. too bad abarth’s look like shit

  23. Ford fixed all kinks in Volvo’s in about 2005.
    So, I’m sure it’ll be fine. And the C30 got great reviews.

    Somethingstotry: you can’t expect an expensive luxury car to be cheap. what do you want from them? if you cant afford a Volvo, then you obviously can’t afford other cars in it’s class. So just buy a cheap Toyota or whatever.

  24. Bridgewater Betty says:

    Ford didn’t ruin Volvo, dear. Volvo had already come out with very problematic models prior to being acquired by Ford (the S80, for example). Anything with a V6 engine (the old 760 and 260 series cars), and anything with the horrible 16-valve B234 engines, are well known as cars to avoid.

    Jake is correct in that Volvo corrected most of the severe issues around model year 2005.

    Jake is also correct in saying that Volvo is higher in cost to maintain, than are other cars. It is similar to the other premium brands. Volvo has a reputation for high miles and durability, but keep in mind, most of the very high mileage achievements have been made by owner-maintained cars. If one was to maintain an old Volvo 240 or 940 by the book, by having a mechanic do all the work, they’d be bankrupt. Those older models were very strong running cars, and they lasted for a long time, but they were not trouble free. In fact, the engine and transmission were just about the ONLY long lasting parts in these cars. Everything strapped to the car broke or died quickly. Electronics were poor, at best. There were plenty of design flaws also. But, they did run a long time, and because they are fairly easy for owners to care for, they earned the reputation as “cheap to own”.

    Maintenance is very important for cars like the C30, or any modern vehicle. If someone is paying for your maintenance and repairs I would not worry about it. But if you will be responsible after the warranty expires, you might want to consider a car like a Toyota, for maximum results.