How to reset SRI service reminder indicator in Volvo V50, S40, C30, C70 (SRL maintenance spanner)

Volvo C30 Service

How to reset SRI service reminder indicator in Volvo V50, S40, C30, C70 (SRL maintenance spanner)

Here’s how to reset service reminder interval messages in Volvo V50, S40, C30 or C70 after changing fluids (oil, coolant), filters and inspecting brakes and …
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  1. Jon Edäng says:

    Worked on my V50. Thx!! :) 

  2. Janine Venter says:

    Hi, hope you are doing well, my “SRS airbag service urgent” message just
    popped up today. Do you maybe know what the problem might be? And if the
    above method will remove the metssage?

  3. Thanks! Worked on my 2006 V50. I’ve subscribed to your channel.

  4. Милош Величковић says:

    Worked on my Volvo V40 2002 perfectly. :) Хвала!
    For the guys that might have problem, don’t forget, you have to let trip
    button fast when service light starts blinking, otherwise you’ll have to
    repeat the procedure :) 

  5. Divine Tong says:

    Very easy and self-explanatory way of resetting the service reminder on
    your S40. Thank you very much for your help.

  6. says:

    If you can’t pass emission test, reseting the ECU won’t help you much. What
    you need to do is check the DPF filter (also called FAP). It’s a filter
    factory fitted on your exhaust system that reduces emission. After some
    time it needs to be replaced, refurbished or only refilled with special
    fluid. I’m afraid you need to contact your Volvo dealer or at least a good
    car mechanic.

  7. This has got to be one of the best “how to reset lights” video I have
    seen…no fuss, no talk, just the action with a great image. Thank you!!

  8. mukkaboistarz08 says:

    how do i reset the computer, all my lights are off but i can’t pass
    emission. Guy says i need to reset my computer cuz its not reading some
    stuff but he does not know how

  9. Kevin Keith says:

    That’s a bummer! Thanks for the reply.

  10. says:

    Happy I could help! Greetings from Poland!

  11. David Jackson says:

    is this to reset the Book Time for Maintenance light? Didn’t work in 2011

  12. Brandon Loo says:

    Thanks so much dude. By the way, what will be the milleague for each
    setting? Is it 5,000km or 10,000km?

  13. says:

    Are you sure that the message is a standard service reminder? If the
    service message is triggered not by milage but by fault (airbag,
    battery…) you have to visit your mechanic.

  14. says:

    No. SRS and other trouble messages has to be deleted with diagnostic

  15. MrsWife83 says:

    Thank you! Why do other forums etc make it sound so hard and complicated!
    Done :-)

  16. Eau Rouge says:

    39 seconds worth GOLD !!! Thanks mate!!

  17. Seriously. Have 2008 S40 T5. Light came on after 5000km. Mechanic had no
    idea how to reset. Been on ever since. I’m selling my car now, finally
    found your correct advice after years of incorrect instructions by many,
    many others – thanks!

  18. tp532001 says:

    my last S40 had this on for 6 years.wish id found this before!!!

  19. cj Rogers says:

    When I do the steps…I get a beep and the number 301 appears…

  20. says:

    Happy that I could help!

  21. Eau Rouge says:

    Many thanks mate!!!

  22. Eau Rouge says:

    Hehehe…I bet you cried out of joy when that annoying little message
    disappeared!! It happen to me too… Cheers to you mate!

  23. John Arce says:

    Thanks, so glad I found this, the lights been on for 2 years and we live in
    Naples, Italy and I didn’t feel like paying 300 Euro at the dealership.

  24. says:

    Happy that you liked it! Check out our other videos – some about Volvo.

  25. says:

    Hi! I’m happy that I could help. You can always paste link to this video on
    the forum :)