How to change a Control arm on a Volvo V70

Volvo S60 Control Arm Replacement

How to change a Control arm on a Volvo V70

In this video I show you how to change a control arm on a Volvo V70. The product i use is the new improved Scantech control arm.
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  1. Tom Jones says:

    You have to do the geometry too.

  2. deepshitjunkies says:

    scan tech control arms are JUNK I know i hawe replaced mine. Go fore Power
    Flex bushings. and this video does not show the whole deal in this job.

  3. Joe croce says:

    I left my axle bolts and tie rod ends alone to do it.

  4. Brian C says:

    Attempted this job today on my S60 basically the same much harder than it
    looks. I don’t know what it isn’t recommended to remove the sway bar end
    links. If you get control arm off at least on my car with they darn sway
    bar makes makes everything move and is hard to realign on the control arm
    once you get the new one attached to the frame. Actually pulled the CV axle
    out of its joint by mistake. Thankfully I found a freelance mechanic who
    helped me get it fixed. Last thing I will say is if you are going to go to
    the trouble of replacing the control arm you almost should really replace
    the ball joint as well.

    Nice starter video but does not describe the entire battle.

  5. Pete Herz says:

    What exactly are those little things bolted on to the front of the control
    arms that he transfers from the old one to the new one at about the 3:30mark in this video?

  6. Red1101 says:

    What was the socket you used to remove the bolts that need to be held while
    you are removing them?? 

  7. sead begovic says:

    How to replace control arm(left one) on VOLVO s 80(1999)

  8. Cameron St.Clair says:

    Yes, the last time your wheel alignment would have been done, it is more
    that possible that the control arm bushes had failed already. This means
    that the wheels would have been aligned with failed bushes and would have
    been off centre.

  9. GBindra11 says:

    great video, I hope it is as easy as you made it look. If it is, I will
    post your steps in a written format for other users. Thanks

  10. Philip Reeves says:

    Thanks for this just purchased both front control arms and will be fitting
    this week. Never done this before, however ur video makes it look easy. I
    have a s60 t5. Can you do some videos on how to replace brakes, handbrake
    shoes, and service including draining oil, fitting oil filter, petrol
    filter, new spark plugs and ht leads for stage 0 tune prior to having the
    stage 1 remap. Thanks keep posting

  11. sklaterjd says:

    Why would you unscrew the axle bolt?

  12. morganpartee says:

    Just did this today, it’s not a half hour job if you haven’t done it before

  13. mrshllhydn says:

    Unscrewing the axle bolt gives you more wiggle room. (The entire suspension
    will only be connected at the top of the strut.) Which you need in order to
    get the arm out. If you don’t you run the risk of breaking your axle trying
    to pry it out.

  14. tuck banner says:

    Total error not to pull tie rod and castellated nut with machine parts to
    be used, saving stock and threads that were put out, it can be dangerous
    and some cases bolts go off if you pull them too hard Otherwise a good
    demonstration that was easy to see the work