GTA San Andreas UK British Police Car Volvo C30 – willowb

Volvo C30

GTA San Andreas UK British Police Car Volvo C30 – willowb

UK British Police Car Volvo C30 for GTA San Andreas (PC Version only). This texture is by me, willowb (formerly caerdydd). Download from here:…
Volvo C30 Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Imrn Hahah says:


  2. flashash2k9 says:

    @chriswazup2468 i’m not sure tbh, maybe you can if you go on the internet,
    but i doubt it. you should look on google.

  3. ronnie3660 says:

    how did you do that please tell me email me .uk

  4. chriswazup2468 says:

    hi again can you get this on ps2 jus that my matez want 2 no as well

  5. BakFireProductions says:

    How did you get that Stolen Car thing to come up?

  6. Smith John says:

    mod is nice Computer+game settings :( ((((((( awwwfull!

  7. @drigerGANG *facepalm*

  8. rachidizere rachidkhamlichi says:

    Thanks After some research i have Cleo 3

  9. Charlie Short says:

    thats uk police for you ;)

  10. David Edwards says:

    what type of helicopter is hotel 99?

  11. bombmakersUK says:

    bro, i need some help, i love the c30 and want it!!! i use mac GTASA,
    (torrent) when ever i download car mods they come out bright, shiny silver
    (exept one) – their colours not coming out… how do you change the siren?
    They always seem to be the GTASA normal ones… i don’t get the spedo at
    the bottom right and how do you use the police chase mode?? PLEASE HELP,
    rewards will be given…

  12. chriswazup2468 says:

    so can i get this on ps2 pls some help!!

  13. Jakub Čutek says:

    fucking sound

  14. Mrplanepilot100 says:

    @wernvilla2 oh well thanks

  15. Fakeus Nameus says:

    Where did you get the sirens?! (They’re not ‘gay’, they’re British!! That
    is not tautology…)

  16. Rhodri Burridge says:

    how do you alter the light/siren?

  17. POLIZEI RU PL DE says:

    British police have no left-hand steering wheel. xD

  18. braveheart11 says:


  19. benwilko727 says:

    where do u get the uk police cars … i no i look out the window .. i live
    in the uk so on the other hand which website did u get the uk olice cars
    reply fast pls!

  20. rachidizere rachidkhamlichi says:

    mate how did you start chasing that pick up what button did you press ?

  21. nougatfisk says:

    your com sucks hard