GROM MST3: Volvo S40 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 USB Bluetooth iPhone Android Adapter Installation

Volvo C30 Bluetooth

GROM MST3: Volvo S40 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 USB Bluetooth iPhone Android Adapter Installation

Volvo S40 2008 with Basic or High Perf radio with Single CD can be upgraded to a fully featured multimedia center with iPhone, Bluetooth, USB, Android integr…
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    I have this exact same setup in my car. I seem to have missed something,
    because my unit does not work at all. CD and Radio, and every option is
    disabled when unit plugged in. Everything else works fine. I have connected
    one POF from CD-Player into the GROM unit, and one POF from the
    ICM-Display, as shown in the manual. Now one POF from the ICM is
    disconnected. Is this the correct way? I’m having somewhat trouble
    understanding the manual. Please help.

  2. Quy Nguyen says:

    which model will work for Volvo S40 2005?

  3. oxbow sponk says:

    hi,just one question
    how to change my audio lector to mp3 lector from my volvo v50 

  4. Ruban Soundran says:

    Bro I need help, I have a volvo s40 2005, I went to future shop, they are
    saying its not possible to do it because I will have dash and other
    electronic problem. Can’t install double or single din. Cz volco radio has
    some function on dash. But u seemed have done it. So what can I do the
    double din JVC is on sale. Should I buy it and get it install by someone

  5. Aniikilenterful says:

    hi man ! fine ?!
    im thinking to take a subwoofer + amplifier RCA in my volvo s40 2008…how
    i can ?
    thanks !

  6. Installed the MST3 in my 2006 S40. The documentation delivered with the
    module and instruction in this video are incorrect. The breakout is
    installed in the return optical line, not the feed line. This is only
    detailed in the instruction manual that you can download from the product
    page. The operating instructions don’t mention that you can scroll the 3
    functions using the eject button on a single CD model. The CD unit is now
    inoperable which isn’t mentioned anywhere. This is annoying as I still have
    a CD in the player which I can’t eject. With the iPod or android phone
    connected the SRC display showing the song and artist sometimes jitters
    back and forth. In addition, selecting the GROM mode doesn’t always work so
    you still get the radio even though the IPod is shown in the display. Is
    anyone checking the documentation or the testing the installation at GROM?
    I paid over 300 Euros for the unit.

  7. 00stylespool00 says:

    I own a 2008 Volvo XC70 (the EU model) with the basic audio system. It has
    an inbuilt aux input in the center armrest and a fitting aux button on the
    control unit. Is there a way to fit a GROM interface with my model year and
    radio? All the best from Germany

  8. aldensuokko says:

    does anyone know if a 2012 vovlo c30′s head unit has the red and white
    plugs you need to instal i subwoofer? please help!!

  9. Thanks for the upload! I have 07 V50 with the basic sound system. Do
    dealerships know how to install this item? I’m not sure if I can handle

  10. Andre Nielsen says:

    Does it works on a volvo s40 2006 model? And where can you order it

  11. GROM Audio says:

    We have the aux connector for your car. It also has USB plug for USB stick
    and Android phone connection, and in addition you can connect the Bluetooth
    and iPod or iPhone if needed. Thank you.

  12. skrattedieratte says:

    Hi! This doesn’t apply to models before 2008 as there was a different
    centre console. The whole armrest doesn’t need to be removed. I’ve listed
    the way on swedespeed under the S40/V50 section. Also, the display frame
    has to be unclipped from inside, otherwise you damage the alloy trim around

  13. Muntaga Nyang says:

    I have a 2004 Volvo S40 T5 will this work for my car. I am tired of burning
    CD i would like to use my phone to listen t music. if not what do u

  14. GROM Audio says:

    You can get GROM-USB2P-VOL01 or GROM-BT3-VOL01, both will work. If your
    stereo does not have fiber-optic, you can get the regular GROM Audio kits.
    Thank you.

  15. GROM Audio says:

    Yes you can. Thank you!

  16. GROM Audio says:

    For subwoofer you can contact tech specialist in your area, many car audio
    shops will be able to help. Thank you.

  17. GROM Audio says:

    Yes the CD changer has to be disconnected.

  18. GROM Audio says:

    Dillon, apologize. 6 disk will be disconnected, GROM will take it’s place.
    Single will keep working.

  19. pathan king says:

    its working also 2005 volvo s40

  20. Tim Vanhees says:

    Hello, Can you use it with the remote control (track search,Volume control)
    from the steering wheel? Is it just 1 cable for audio/text and 2 for + and
    - ? Thanks! T.