Full-scale Lego replica of a Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90

Full-scale Lego replica of a Volvo XC90

I show off a Lego Volvo XC90 that I saw in Vail, Colorado. NOT LEGOLAND!!! Note-this was shot when I was 8. I didn’t know crap about cars then. Update 4/29/1…
Volvo XC90 Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Cool guy Is the best gamer says:
  2. Hamster Crew says:

    He’s like I want to touch it and break it but I can’t to prove its real :c

  3. LysanderDaBest says:

    Lol he is acting like he made it.. also STOP TOUCHING IT! Newb

  4. RainzMixz m9 says:

    the kid actually say ther are some bricks , some wheels , some black bricks

  5. Dany El-Rai says:

    Why not a ferari?

  6. Cristian Cure says:

    why da fuck is a 5 year old kid asking for money? 

  7. i would of ran into it opps sorry 

  8. CoolWill0807 says:

    this is cool

  9. Out of nowhere a semi crushes it XD

  10. TJAHS01234 ROBLOX Gaming says:

    im 13

  11. Stop fucking toutching it!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. They are

  13. aceXXofXXhearts says:


  14. If everyone could please click on the ads on the video, it would be
    appreciated! I get a little bit of money everytime you do, and it’s free to

  15. Ratboy1217 says:

    it is??????????? y?

  16. I was talking to someone who said the vid sucked.

  17. legochamp100 says:

    That kid should not be picking at that thing, glued or not, that lego
    vehicle has well over 1,000,000 pieces in it and my be PRICELESS!

  18. Corey Scanlan says:

    So stress need to kick somethng