Extreme Paintless dent removal training Volvo Xc90

Volvo XC90

Extreme Paintless dent removal training Volvo Xc90

Complex dent on the infamous Volvo XC90 driver door. Fun stuff. Also introducing personal one on one training………..where if the situation is right I com…
Volvo XC90 Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Great job, not so much with the video. Gave it a thumbs up however.
    Better the talent lie with a repair.

  2. where are you located ?

  3. Daisuke Imai says:

    esse e foda !!!
    um verdadeiro martelinho de ouro!!!

  4. very neat

  5. overwhelmed2 says:

    This is a very exciting an new way of doing auto body repair work and its
    something Im very interested in learning.Please get back to me.Dave.

  6. Yuri Bevilacqua says:

    Great Job!!!

  7. David Lee says:

    Excellent work!

  8. Handiest1 says:

    How about a 10″ wide piece of replacement trim? lol

  9. Interestedsomewhat says:

    wow I hope they give you a tv show, fantastic skills

  10. Godzelly Zino says:

    The only thing they don’t tell you how to do is deal with high spots that
    are 1in wide.

  11. Rigoberto Chavarin says:

    how much you ask fo this especific job?

  12. God given skill you have. Good job brother

  13. vutranxyz says:

    Can any1 tell me why I need to use the air compressed on the dent area? TY

  14. Rick Miller says:

    Amazing job Sal. I am very impressed that hit was gnarly! 

  15. dougdenter says:

    Most excellent,,,, a few times it looked like what I tell customers who
    “Sometimes it’s gotta get worse, before it gets better”
    Looks to me like you made Chicken Salad out of Chicken S*&$ !

  16. Andreas Wahlkrantz says:

    why not just bang it in and have some filler over? :) 

  17. Stefan Carlson says:

    Sylvester Stallone?

  18. schlusselmensch says:

    Saab beams were ridiculously strong too.

  19. Nathan Tilley says:

    very impressive