Crash Test EuroNCAP Volvo C30 (2007)

Volvo C30 Safety

Crash Test EuroNCAP Volvo C30 (2007)

Crash Test EuroNCAP Volvo C30 (2007). Frontale (64 km/h), Laterale (50 km/h), Palo (29 km/h) –
volvo c30 safety Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. No shit?

  2. ladygagafan9690 says:

    i love volvos cars especially volvo c30 that car is so beautifeul :)

  3. BlingMasterJJ says:

    that did not come from the car dude.. that came from that thing he hits

  4. EmpirePersian says:

    Thats bloody good

  5. socrboy23 says:

    volvo for life. they are the safest cars out there.

  6. 1972volkswagen says:

    Then we wouldn’t need all of the stupid saftey things cars have now such as
    airbags, crumple zones, etc. Cars would be SO much cheaper and more fun.

  7. Its the dust from the airbags…

  8. 1972volkswagen says:

    My opinion on automobile saftey: “If we all drive as if we are aztec
    sacrifices, strapped to the front of the car so we’d be the first thing
    hit, there’d be a helluva lot less accidents” -John Muir

  9. You know why the car is so safe, because volvo first invented the seat
    belts. :D

  10. maxfan4ever says:

    BRAVO VOLVO!!! =)

  11. The most important thing about a car is the safety. Then goes comfort,
    beauty, speed… Volvo undesratand that and that’s why it’s my favourite
    car company. Volvo for life :)

  12. el diseño de este auto es hermoso

  13. canonpowershotseries says:

    Very good! Im impressed

  14. i drove the 2008 c30 T5m and it was just bad ass. You say “to bad” it was
    sweet, i now MAY consider it over the Audi A3.

  15. Kamdibe ToChukwu says:

    yep the safest.

  16. Diego Rios says:

    safest car in the world