Busted!! Cops bust a highly modified volvo turbo.

Volvo Wagon Sleeper

Busted!! Cops bust a highly modified volvo turbo.

WATCH THE MIDDLE LANE @ THE LIGHT!!!!! “The Brick”- otherwise known the old skool volvo sleeper-esque station wagon looking thing. A favorite for enthusiasts…
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Volvo wagon sleeper question by Elena C {New profile picture}: Volvo 260 or Volvo 260 R?
I am 15 right now (16 in Oct.). So I am starting to look for cars… I like the Volvo 260; but what is the difference bettween the Volvo 260 and the Volvo 260 R?
If you could find me Volvo 260 (R) That would be nice. Is it a nice car? Thanks sooo much!

I didnt realize it was a S instead of a 2

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Answer by JDPower.com
The Volvo S60 is safe, stylish, easier to drive, handles better in the snow and rain with all-wheel drive and has comfortable seats. On the other hand, the Volvo S60 R is manual, more expensive, gets worse gas mileage, does not handle well in the snow and rain and rides hard. The Volvo S60 is just as nice as the Volvo S60 R.

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