2014 Volvo S60 First Drive Review: Turbo & Supercharged Swedish wonder car

Volvo S60 Engine

2014 Volvo S60 First Drive Review: Turbo & Supercharged Swedish wonder car

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Volvo S60 is all new with a 2.0L engine that’s both tubro-charged and supercharged. In another accurate, fun and informati…
Volvo S60 engine Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. david entrikin says:

    You will love this beauty.

  2. Steven silverman says:

    torque steer, super high stressed little motor. 2 liters, 300 hp?
    supercharger and turbo? wanna keep that thing for 5 years? me, no

  3. Troy Power says:

    NIce, well done by volvo. Would clearly take it over aura or lexus and very
    probably overall the german offerings, clean styling and very cool motor

  4. Alexn1067 says:

    I don’t like all those driver interrupting safety features…..don’t beep
    at me, and don’t take control of the wheel from me. I am the driver, I want
    full control of the vehicle..not some program with a software that has
    limited scenario programming.

  5. محمد الدوسري says:

    Does this have a DCT?

  6. SuperNiceguy60 says:

    This car in Europe can do 1100 Miles with One single Tank and still able to
    achieve almost 150 MPH top speed , Prius is a slow Gus Guzzler here in

  7. I own Volvo S-60 awd 2002 with 60.000 miles on car.I am not happy with my
    volvo to many problems.Every month there is something going bad.Volvo is
    big money hole.Sorry but i wont buy volvo ever again.

  8. now volvo is belong to geely:)

  9. Riswan Ahmad P says:

    If I have the money I would buy a Volvo rather than the Germans, sadly I

  10. tingokuman says:

    I just did a little more research and my info was a bit OUTDATED !
    Volvo is trying to get the FORD out of there DNA these new Drive E 2.0
    4cyl motors are 100% Volvo designed and will replace the entire lineup of
    FORD sourced powerplants made from 1999 to present. Ford sold Volvo in
    2010 but Volvo still outsourced its parts from ford. So there hope for
    VOLVO after all…. ill still watch from the sidelines to see if the next
    gen powerplants are EHEM Volvo quality.

  11. somehow reminds me of the latest Subaru Legacy -,-

  12. pennfootball71 says:

    Was that the AWD version? Honestly Volvo is not known for
    reliability…Ball Bearing came shafts a turbo and a Super Charger that
    little engine can could will one day be the little engine that goes KAPUT! 

  13. Özgün Demir says:

    İnterior looks cheap

  14. Arie Salim says:

    The R version of this car will be insane!! it’s already starting out with
    305hp now, the R will be 400hp?? I just wish the body work is more

  15. Really wish they would’ve left the headlights alone, they just look too
    bland now. The front almost looks like a vw passat.

  16. Scott Campbell says:

    I’m confused. volvo s60 2.0L.. I can’t find this vehicle at volvo website

  17. MrAnonymousRandom says:

    Volvo has no credibility after being taken over by Ford and less than
    nothing now that it is owned by a Chinese automaker.

  18. weirdshibainu says:

    I own a Volvo, it’s a great car, but I can’t imagine repair costs on a
    turbo and supercharger.

  19. Brenden Walski says:

    I would buy a volvo, but every time I sit in it, the steering wheel is just
    too close too me, and I can’t move it further away. It just feels odd.
    Other then that, it’s great car. Good job, Emmy!

  20. electric/plastic water pump FUCK THAT that’s GARBAGE!
    its a good concept with turbo and super charger but plastic/electric water
    pump is cheaper and fails way sooner than a metal mechanical pump

  21. daredevil7442 says:

    But, does it come equipped with a spare tire, a lot of new cars these days
    don’t have a spare tire, you should include if it does/does not have spare
    tire in the reviews.???

  22. Tech Defender says:

    Why won’t volvo update the xc90?! 

  23. Not a fan of this years headlights looks cartoony should’ve kept the 2013

  24. TheKronicShikari says:

    I like the car, the price is nice too. I have a 2004 S60 2.5T with the
    sport package that came with alloy 17′ wheels, sportier seats, and a couple
    other little things. I love all the options and features it has and its an
    04, such as memory seats, heated mirrors, heated seats, 20 radio presets,
    and rain/snow sensing wipers that I do not even find on my friends brand
    new cars. It has 93k on it and I have zero problems. I would love to get
    one of these in black, maybe even the R spec with the polestar package