2011 Volvo S60 T6 AWD

Volvo S60 Brake

2011 Volvo S60 T6 AWD

The 2011 Volvo S60 is perhaps the safest luxury sport sedan on the planet. In this quick video, I demonstrate Volvo’s City Safety (pedestrian avoidance) feat…
Volvo S60 brake Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. LeLindberg97 says:

    @Plasticwin v50,s40,c30 and s60 are made in belgium! not xc60

  2. Porsche Maniac says:

    @journauto Alright. I was just noting that out. Anyways good review and
    very nice car. :)

  3. Was this video filmed in Burlington? That Ikea looks familiar..

  4. Journauto says:

    @MDCeasar That’s what it sells for here in Canada. Car are always more
    expensive here compared to the U.S. Thanks for your comment.

  5. sdfasfsajflkjsadklfjjklshjkhslkjhfkhkfhkshd says:

    my Favvvvvvvvvv <3

  6. Journauto says:

    @Mgsson Guess you never heard about the S60 press launch failure then, eh?
    Do a search for it because you’re obviously being another condesending
    prick on YouTube that needs to be edumacated.

  7. prietov00 says:

    i thought the key fob had to be inserted in order to start and drive the

  8. H.C. Kinnunen says:

    I like you have the Swedish furniture store IKEA in the bakgrund

  9. derek400004 says:

    stop reading off the script, you do fine ;)

  10. Journauto says:

    @Mgsson To be clear, you didn’t hurt my feelings. But it is my channel and
    I don’t take sh!t from anybody, be it a little kid with no clue or some
    d-bag with a chip on his shoulder. I even moderate so the wheat and chaff
    get serparated. I do publish negative comments and I respond to them
    accordingly. I appreciate the dialogue and invite you to watch some of my
    other videos, but want to remind you not everyone can present like Jeremy
    Clarkson. Anyway, thanks for clearing it up.

  11. ac3audip says:

    Burlington Ontario.

  12. MDCaesar says:

    Just under $60,000? I think you’re off by about $10,000 =oP A fully-loaded
    S60 retails for just under $50,000.

  13. Nick Zimmer says:

    nice opening… ok, so you can read the wikipedia entry on Volvo too

  14. actheguitarguy says:

    L0L the T4 here in brazil costs bout $50.000, the T6 if I’m not wrong, is
    not even sold here

  15. Journauto says:

    @prietov00 It only needs to be nearby. You can also walk around the car
    with it running and the key in your pocket. Thanks for your question.

  16. viking93ify says:

    haha and ikea in the backround :P

  17. Porsche Maniac says:

    1:03 to 1:09 are you reading out what you have to say?

  18. Journauto says:

    @TrueAviationPassion I’m guilty. Doesn’t change what I would have said

  19. Victor Kaczynski says:

    @86kinky86 yeah as I know too, it should give an audio signal some seconds
    before auto braking.

  20. 86kinky86 says:

    weird, I expected it to give a warning before stopping the car

  21. prietov00 says:

    @journauto: are you sure you dont have volvos PCC?(personal car
    communicator). Every Volvo review I’ve seen online shows the fob being
    inserted and then pressing the start/stop Button. In fact, some reviewers
    called out that two step process, saying its an unnecessary step. !?!?

  22. greycatz100 says:

    @journauto A commendable effort – even if the audio got lost in the wind. A
    few words on Clarkson: This is a loud, exceedingly opinionated and
    flagrantly biased showman, who occasionally is also very funny. He can
    barely operate the vehicles he’s driving (he routinely spins sportscars
    off-track and is, by his own admission, the world’s worst off-road driver)
    and has no clue about the on-board electronics in any car. Stick to your
    guns – I don’t think the world needs another Clarkson.