2010 Volvo C30 (Hatchbacks Pt. 3) – Everyday Driver

Volvo C30 Engine

2010 Volvo C30 (Hatchbacks Pt. 3) – Everyday Driver

In this third and final part of our 2010 hatchback comparison, the guys see how the Volvo C30 holds up next to the MazdaSpeed 3 and GTI. Then they argue abou…
Volvo C30 engine Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Mike Skeats says:

    For Gregory G
    I’m just under 6’2″ and a large build.
    On my R-Design SE Sport, the front seats are height adjustable and give a
    great range of movement.
    On the lowest setting, I easily have more than 4″ clear headroom, with
    plenty of leg and shoulder room too.
    I suggest you get into one as soon as you can and put your mind at ease
    with a test drive.

  2. Gregory G says:

    How is this car for someone who is over 6′ tall? I’m 6’1″ and I read a
    review saying if you are 6’2″ you can forget about fitting in it.

  3. Marti Colls says:

    I dislike Volvo, particularly the back of it. It’s more like grandpa and
    grannie’s car. And the interior is rather boring too. VW is the same I
    dislike it, it maybe good car but again fairly boring look wise, nothing
    impressive. The interior is super boring in VW except maybe the Scirocco.
    As for Mazda, I have no opinion on it, never drove one or sat in one.
    Lookwise not bad, but again nothing out of the ordinary a bit like Fiesta,
    on first look probably couldn’t’ tell them apart.

  4. Atrax1207 says:

    And Golf are considered redneck cars in Europe. I wouldn’t want to be seen
    in it that’s for sure. I’d take Mazda here, no contest at all.
    And Golfs are way overpriced imo. I can get a BMW for that money and it’s a
    far far better car than puny Golf. lol

    I have to agree with Todd on this one.

  5. Atrax1207 says:

    Rear of that Volvo is just beyond atrocious. If it was the best car in the
    world I wouldn’t take it just because it looks so stupid looking the back
    of it.

    Holy fucking shit that interior!!! You gotta be fucking kidding me. That is
    the worst and ugliest thing I have ever seen in my entire fucking life!

  6. Regarding a Previous comment concerning the tuning, all three cars have
    very good stage 1 or just reflash options. Volvo will do it at the dealer
    with warranty because of polestar, it takes it 2 250 hp and close to 300 ft
    lbs. The other two have very good tuning but not from the dealer like
    Volvo, and the motor on volvo is just as good as the 2jz. I cannot find one
    that has blown up even with after market turbos pushing 350+. If you ever
    do say a tuned version of hot hatches limiting it to just reflash only
    would be interesting.

  7. The back is unbelievably ugly!

  8. driftyourcar says:

    Many people (including Paul) think the Volvo looks great. And it DOES…its
    aggressive, flowy, but hard edged at the same time. Just because you don’t
    like it doesn’t mean the vast majority of people don’t either. You make a
    statement generalizing, when its only your opinion. Paul says he hates
    Madza, but goes on to give the RX-8 a glowing review…

  9. Marcel Robertson says:

    if driven 1 of these and yess its pretty fun to drive but its just way to
    BORING the exterior is to bland the interior is just flat out uneventful

  10. ChrisM187 says:

    I very much enjoy your reviews. I understand where some people come from
    when they comment on the bias towards Mazda in these videos. Lets be
    honest, there is quite a strong one there. Thing is though, we all have our
    biases, especially when it comes to the cars we like. I absolutely refuse
    to look at a Hyundai Genesis based completely on the fact that I Haaate
    Hyundais, and nothing to do with the fact that the Genesis seems to be
    somewhat impressive. Thanks for the reviews!

  11. Two 6MT’s vs. a 5AT, two 2010 remakes vs. a 2006/7 model? Not really a fair
    comparison? I mean if you are going to buy a sports or sporty car you would
    chose a MT! The 6MT C30 is much quicker and sportier than the 5AT. The
    current iteration of the R-design handles very well compared to the
    generation tested. I easily chose the 2011 C30 RD over the other two.

  12. Btw. Paul is a gti jock sniffer. His mind was made up well before actual

  13. Pete Flynn says:

    I recently bought an S60 and tested the C30. I also have a 2000 Miata, so I
    know what sports cars are about. I really liked the C30 but needed a bigger
    car. But, if I lived where a convertible was impractical I’d have a
    Polestar C30. It’s a gem. Yeah, the GTI might be a better hot hatch, but
    it’s a VW and I trust them about as much as GM.

  14. Vaughn Barksdale says:

    i used to own a gti for a week because i traded my ms3 in for it i have to
    say the gti good attention but its just to solw and plain to the ms3 so i
    got my ms3 back and the insanity starts again

  15. kenneth m says:

    these guys are gay go mazda

  16. chevyhighrider says:

    The other thing that scares me with the GTi is how many people have
    electrical issues. Like circuit board failures in the dash, the very common
    and expensive DSG mechatronic failures. I would get a stick anyways though
    which would take care of the dsg worry. Just torn over the better exterior
    looks of the Volvo and better winter driving vs the GTis More exciting
    driving, much nicer interior, and more room.

  17. The C30 is not a practical hatch – too many compromises for style. The MS3
    is much better in that regard, and the grunt is pretty unparalleled. But
    the interior doesn’t let you forget it – it’s dark with red accents, kind
    of immature and the materials are ultimately cheap. I didn’t think I
    cared… until I sat in a GTI. It’s got the blandest most inconspicuous
    exterior but everything inside is way nicer, and the plaid seats make me
    smile. It’s smooth and fun on curves and stuck in traffic. :-

  18. TheZombieAlfredo says:

    that volvo is very bewitching. I am looking for a car in that range and i
    might actually take a look into this car. I totally forgot about it.

  19. AdrianC12345 says:

    @l1l11l1ll1lll1 No he’s not. He’s a ENDLESS whiner about the damn car!!!!

  20. DoomsdayMelody91 says:

    vw is boring. I will admit that Audi makes some good looking cars, but vw’s
    just don’t look unique or really like anything that has real presence on
    the road. Every car company has a car that is an icon, that defines the
    style and soul of the brand, Ford has the mustang, Dodge has the
    Challenger, Mazda has the Miata, Subaru has the Impreza, Mitsubishi has the
    Lancer. The closest thing VW has isn’t a VW, its an Audi R8.

  21. driftyourcar says:

    and even though he said he doesn’t like mazdas, he gave the rx8 4
    “tires”…so yea

  22. pianoman469 says:

    Bottom line: the C30, manual or not, is strictly a commuter/road trip car.
    If it was actually meant to be the “sports coupe” that it’s often referred
    to as, it would be RWD or AWD – not FWD. I admit it’s fun to drive, but as
    mentioned, it lacks the power of the MS3 and the handling of the GTI. So
    until Volvo comes makes the PCP or some derivative of it, the C30 will
    always have that image of style without substance, as far as “true
    performance” is concerned.