► Demonstration of Volvo’s City Safety automatic braking system 10 mph

Volvo V60 Brake

► Demonstration of Volvo’s City Safety automatic braking system 10 mph

Volvo V60 brake Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Kyle Meiser says:

    Great, another excuse for people to not pay attention to what they’re
    doing. Just assuming the car will save them. I think all cars need to be
    made stick shift, no abs, no traction control. Your test is in the worst
    blizzard of the year. Can’t drive the course? No license. People need to
    learn how to DRIVE, instead of just barfing around in these cars that drive
    for you.

  2. XHumans2k2 says:

    does it work with people, I want to see test with human in front because
    like the driver keeps looking away he could easily kill someone relying too
    much on auto system.

  3. thevaughnshow says:

    I’ll take the red car, it looks more fun!

  4. Sensei X says:

    I wish this feature was built-in a womans car that rear-ended me at a
    traffic light and gave me a nasty wipplash that gave me headache for days.
    She was checking out some clothes on another woman she said… -.- god
    bless technology,

  5. Taavi Otepalu says:

    and driuver behind u doesnt have enough safe distance and he probably
    crashes into you from behind lol 

  6. arvind kumar says:

    car breaking system

  7. LMGGhettoBlaster says:

    That would make a hilarious chase scene in a movie

  8. yamahaevo says:

    If you cant breake by yourself you should not have a license! Since there
    are many accidents in the citys this will save lifes. And from 20-50km/h it
    will slow down the car but not step on the breakes.

  9. Louise Boman says:

    wonder if he brakes every time? :)

  10. What if I would be going like 100mph, no way it could stop in that short of
    a distance :O.

  11. jaffacake1578 says:


  12. i like the look of the red car.. its one giant airbag!

  13. Sverige299 says:

    This was 2010, now the system works in speeds up to i believe 50 kph (In
    the new V40)

  14. daniel13899795 says:

    Me párese genial el nuevo Volvo pero que tal si unos tipos se me ponen al
    frente y me kieres aser daño creo q no podría tirarles el auto porque se
    frenaría y me darían una paliza bueno es mi opinión nada más

  15. mrcoates101 says:

    R.I.P. volvo tailgaters