VW CC 3.6 V6 FAST! 0-242 km/h LAUNCH CONTROL Acceleration

Volkswagen Passat Cc Speed

VW CC 3.6 V6 FAST! 0-242 km/h LAUNCH CONTROL Acceleration

2014 VW CC 3.6 V6 0-242 km/h Launch Control DSG Acceleration Like us on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1jlG5pQ Get your AutoTopNL Merchandise right here: http://A…
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  1. Joao Andre says:

    VW best in the world.

  2. hm..even with this long gearing it looks slower than it should be. or are
    we just spoiled by all the punchy turbocharged engines theese days?

  3. Jean Katana says:

    Is the Gear Box such kind of unflattering design that the 6th Gear is so
    long that its not usable? During an acceleration like this where is the
    Point to shift into the 6th Gear? At 280 Kmh maybe, to go for 320?? XD
    5th Gear, 6Krpm and 245 Kmh, you can cut off the 6th… you still have 900
    rpm on the clock to go! shame on you – VW Engineers… Ridiculous design!

  4. how to use the launch control?

  5. Maxis Blog says:

    Dat VR6 sound though.

  6. TourdeFrance20131 says:

    langzaam in zo een auto hoef je niet snel de tdi versies zijn
    Die lopen erg mooi alleen tergend langzaam

    De 1.6tdi lijkt wel alsof je in een space shuttle gelanceerd wordt echt te
    gek is dat rijdt heerlijk dit is alleen bij snelheden tot 110km/h want
    daarna is de koek op en trekt ie als een slak in plaats van een RENPAARD

  7. 0 a 200 en 23 s comme moi :-) … par contre, après 200 elle plafonne un
    peu. Nice car, avec un gros moteur 

  8. pauloararaquara says:

    0-100 Km/h in 6.3 secs., not 5.5 secs.!!!

  9. TOP Nürburgring Videos Youtubechannel says:

    a vw cc looks hot for a vw

  10. Eduardo Najar says:

    Nice, very informative video, as i see the cc is almost in top vs
    competition v6 like camry se (limited at 210km) accord, acura, and some
    american 2.0 turbo in the same price range.

    thx for the video

  11. Bruno Mendes says:

    Great Performance, for na amasing car!

  12. fuckoffgoogle says:

    how many keyboard clowns think this is slow? You fucks probably don’t even
    own a car.

  13. PilyPilyJones says:

    NRV !!! ✌️

  14. MrDard123 says:

    its very fast up to 100kmh but pretty slow aftter that

  15. seitaneddy says:

    Is the car electronically limited to 242 kmh? 

  16. Nordlicht05 says:

    measured with driftbox or via speedometer??

  17. Grammar Police says:

    242 kmh is about 151 mph.

  18. ivanko80 says:

    There is no turbo in this engine..

  19. benni co says:


  20. Felipe Alves says:

    VW CC vs 328I ?

  21. nuclhead says:

    So you want us to compare a 3,6L naturally aspirated engine with a 3,0L
    high pressure turbo engine? Yeah….

  22. sarmer101 says:

    Is turbo or?

  23. sestictrance says:

    I have Passat B6 2.0 fsi .. but CC R Line is my wish :) great video by the

  24. AutoTopNL says:

    Thank you!

  25. AutoTopNL says:

    thanks! Check our channel for more performance cars