Volkswagen Woofwagen dogs advert 2013

Volkswagen New Beetle 2013

Volkswagen Woofwagen dogs advert 2013

Check out our woofwagen dogs advert, which explores the diversity of the Volkswagen Range showing that there truly is a Volkswagen for all of us. Explore our…
Volkswagen new beetle 2013 Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Sime Wareham says:

    How many locations can you spot? You may recognise a few in the most recent
    Volkswagen advert!


  2. Dan Addison says:

    What’s the name of the song?

  3. Louis O'Halloran says:

    Why don’t some songwriters consider grammar before they record and release
    their songs…

  4. CrazyGTAFan says:

    whats the song called?! 

  5. Master_Hector says:

    Good advert for bad cars *in my opinion*

  6. Timmons Volkswagen of Long Beach says:

    Love this #woofwagen commercial from our friends across the pond in The UK.

  7. Philip Emery says:

    great doggie advertising from #volkswagen

    me want dog

  8. Andy Taylor says:

    Love the song and the dogs are brill, and the cars are not bad either 

  9. Virginie Barber says:


  10. Jack Sparrow says:

    0:44 cool doggie:D

  11. Maddy Nelli says:

    What’s this song called, plzzz.

  12. Sharon Tannenbaum says:

    Love this #woofwagen

  13. Alex Lima says:

    Very interesting notion, cars for dogs. Which model would you suggest for
    my cocker spaniel?

  14. Theo Harrison says:

    I know. And where’s the polo?

  15. Ziga Kavcic says:

    No Westie? Guess we’ll stick with Ford :P ;)