Volkswagen Routan

Volkswagen Routan 2012 Review

Volkswagen Routan

Motor Haus apresenta: conheça o Routan, novo lançamento da Volkswagen desenvolvido em parceria com a Chrysler para os EUA. Moto…
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  1. BRYON MARTIN says:

    vw 2.0t european engines are the same as usa…

  2. european Sharan’s are more better

  3. VolkswagenRouton says:

    This is an absolutely great minivan to come- certainly a 5-star!

  4. first 25 seconds is all the german engineering that went in to this piece
    of crap

  5. Brendan Heard says:

    coppie cat looks like a boot legged chrysler town and country every thing
    is the same as it it just looks smushed uo

  6. Kunfumovil says:

    Me parece exelente que Chrysler y Volswagen unan fuerzas para vencer a
    Toyota y a Honda.

  7. no they aren’t lol, and do you have any diesel engines? i would advice to
    try a 1.9tdi or 2.0tdi, both are turbo diesels have enough power and never

  8. and why u need that much power lol its a minivan, and obviously u dont
    because i have a sharan 1.9tdi which has defo enough power and doesn’t
    break and my uncle has an audi a4 2.0tdi for 5 years now and it was made in
    2005 and guess what nothing, as i said the part quality that you get in us
    is a lot lower than eu

  9. BUT, it’s based on the Chrysler. Even uses the same engines.

  10. Никита Власов says:

    from German

  11. first of all stp writing in caps that just make you look like a dumbass,
    second vw engines were better and are better, i have a vw sharan (you
    probably wont know it because your american) 1.9 turbo diesel, had it for 5
    years and guess what no problems what so ever, then i have a 2.0t audi a4
    had it for 3 years now and guess what? no problems and it doesn’t drink
    that much oil lol. wait till that shitty chrysler engine breaks and you
    will see how much you will pay to fix it lol

  12. Samuel Fialho Pereira says:

    Nossa perfeito! Sempre achei a VW perfeita em todos os carros agora com uma
    união gigantesca, não tem enimigos mais forte

  13. klatu baradanikto says:

    is only vw golf very fat.

  14. looks like a chryslerr !!

  15. better than the american jetta you mean cos the european model is
    completely different, high quality, good volkswagen engines not chrysler