Volkswagen Phaeton–Chicago Cars Direct HD

Volkswagen Phaeton Test Drive

Volkswagen Phaeton–Chicago Cars Direct HD

Test drive and walk around of a 2006 VW Phaeton 4.2 4MOTION from Chicago Cars Direct.
Volkswagen phaeton test drive Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Predrag Stankovic says:

    why not 6.0 w12 ???!!!!

  2. Henry Thomas says:

    I prefer older American full size sedans and trucks, and never really cared
    too much for the VW Group brands or any of their cars, but I’d snatch the
    Phaeton up quick. This one everybody slept on back in the day, and it’s
    something of a departure from standard VW issue, even by today’s
    standards. This would be the first and last German car I’d ever buy if I

  3. Alexandra Sinclair says:

    Man I like the sound of that motor, and it’s an affordable car too… If I
    had one I would change the rims, the forwards bumpers and a few other
    things in its exterior to make it look a bit more sporty and modern. With
    the engine it has, boy would it be nice…

  4. polizeiguym5 says:

    @md991free You know what I think? its a phenomenal car and just as good as
    its competitors were when it was on sale but I think you’re right the lack
    of cachet and its price. But what I think is that people just wrote this
    car off because of the Volkswagen badge although it is an astounding car. I
    wish it was still on sale

  5. Mark Sony says:

    I really love the idea of acceleration downshift test/benchmark on highway
    next to a semi/truck 11/10 the best videos are on your channel

  6. gooferman609 says:

    @sonydatacode he also mispronounced phaeton

  7. Ye1LOVE says:

    except its back it likes passat too much

  8. this car is underrated because its an audi a6 or a8 (whichever one i dont
    car to look it up) sold under the name of volkswagon. It failed as a car
    because no one in thier right mind would pay nearly the same price as the
    audi varient (80k to 90k) to have a giant VW badge on the grill of thier
    car… just my 2 cents

  9. TruAgape123 says:

    Is that the same semi in ur Lexus ls430? Lol.

  10. Metalguy696 says:

    @Soldier0117 What would be the price for one of these 2006 now?

  11. 00Daizy00 says:

    Hmmmmm…. that must be on another page where someone’s quoting this VW as
    being compared to a Cadillac. I sure don’t see that though on this page at
    all. However, because I do own one of these VW Phaeton’s, IT is INDEED much
    BETTER than “a.. Cadillac, MUCH BETTER!

  12. ryN45678 says:

    @mja4422 No, its heavy. Im not saying it isnt heavy. Its not gigantic, it
    just weighs a lot.

  13. @The101TV Stupid Asshole !!! Are you BLind look at 03:36 when he drop
    Carpets its a 2-3 holes idiot !!! and I didnt say that they’r not Black !!

  14. Trudeau says:

    The phaeton was so underrated, what a beautiful volks… Too bad it wasn’t
    the W12.

  15. Jacob Evans says:

    @hshadow86 he’s from moldova..where ever that is but im not stickin up for
    him…sorta but not intentionaly

  16. kandrex5 says:

    Phaeton vs bentley

  17. 989kriss says:

    @chicagocarsdirect what is the best car you know to sit inside?

  18. Horatiu M says:

    @Metalguy696 In Romania a used one cost 11.000 euros.(13.000 USD) The price
    is for the 4.2 gasoline engine. If you are looking for a 3.0 TDi the price
    rise at 15.000 euros.

  19. myrobotnameiszach says:

    it’s ow-dee not ah-dee

  20. Lucky Mark says:

    @kg600able Why do you think that car did so bad in the US market: 1.)
    because of the price point ? 2.) lack of cachet compare to the other
    luxurious brands?

  21. ladresde says:

    I live next to the factory in Dresden, Germany, also some Rolls-Royce
    Flying Spur are built in there. The car is probably produced to uplift the
    trademark image of Volkswagen (owner of a lot of brands as also Bugatti and
    significantly also Porsche). And of Audi, the brand with the now best image
    in Germany. (slightly in front of BMW and Mercedes)

  22. Stevie B says:

    @chicagocarsdirect –BAH-HAAA oooh… easy there CCD you’re selling cars
    not tutoring special ed kids but, well done.