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Volkswagen Passat B7

Volkswagen Passat estate review – CarBuyer

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Volkswagen Passat B7 Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Firemarioflower says:

    1:22 what’s flying around making two loops inside the car?? Some bird or

  2. fold the fuckin backseat completely to let us see if it folds perfectly

  3. The Skoda Octavia estate looks so much better imo.

  4. gianni tedeschi says:

    Rebecca, hai una classe fantastica. Direi che sei la femmina più bella
    della rete. Hai anche degli occhi che rivelano una intelligenza non comune.
    Complimenti. Beato quello che ti sta vicino ed a cui vuoi bene.

  5. drewforever2000 says:

    Miss my mams passat estate so reliable for a 00

  6. dimprabowo says:

    how about the middle seat on the second row? Is it still comfy for adults?
    Is the transmission tunnel tolerable?

  7. hovermotion says:

    forgot to mention the electronic hand brake when if fails you are not going
    anywhere & will need a tow to a garage….

  8. baconboi10 says:

    what is the difference between the s and se

  9. she didnt mention the cheap looking plastic on the dash.. all that really
    caught my eye was that rear armrest with the pocket and cup holder…

  10. liam bang says:

    your hot


    Fuck this for a heap of 21st century shit

  12. Gamerwillz says:

    Lol. Not as wisely designed as Kia and Hyundai cars. Look at the size of
    that glove box as one of the examples. Build quality on that Passat seems
    poor – look at the part where she pressed that boot button.

  13. Tom Crisp says:

    Always interested in the actual comparables size-wise, as well as the
    nominal “class” of the vehicle – especially in a wagon, where capacity can
    be a major decider. Checking tech specsn (and it’s amazing how hard one has
    to look to find some of these), the Passat estate lands between the
    3-series and 5-series on most measurements, but according to the makers’
    supplied numbers the Passat even handles more cargo than the BMW 5-series
    (603/1731 litres vs 560/1670 litres). The slick Volvo V60 is smaller than
    most of the pack, esp in back, but that’s what that sloping roof will do.
    (The v60 does have a longer wheelbase than the VWs, for what that’s worth.)

    I’ve read that the US Jetta Sportwagon (which looks to be the UK’s Golf
    estate) would be replaced by … a Golf estate. Not in name, anyway, not
    yet … keep watching.

    As expected, the numbers shake out as pretty even for A4 Avant/3-series
    sportwagon and A6 Avant/5 series – though, since we only get one of those
    in the US, it’s academic to some of us. (Yes, there is the A4 Allroad … )

    Not to be forgotten, the Mazda 6 Tourer (also not in the states yet), while
    longer and wider than the Passat, has 15% less cargo space with seats up
    (506 vs 603 L), though it makes up some of that difference with seats down
    (1648 vs 1731.)

    Whatever numbers tell you, head and legroom are best judged in the seat, I
    think, and those can also be critical depending on your needs.

  14. it looks kinda classical 

  15. eggbirdtherooster says:

    it looks dull? I like the design.. verry clean and sharp horizontal lines

  16. Anders Heaney says:

    My mom needs this

  17. Planemaster125 says:

    Carbuyer, please do a review on the new Volkswagen Golf Estate. I really
    love this car:)

  18. Aron Kuipers says:

    My dad has An 2010 passat and IT has nicer headlights 

  19. i was hoping she would show us what it was like to fuck on the back seat

  20. Acceptera says:

    i bet she works for BMW. she mention the BMW in her other videos too.

  21. Anders Heaney says:

    Not in America or Canada

  22. MegaVector2011 says:

    Half an inch makes all the difference.