Volkswagen Eos 2.0 FSI Turbo

Volkswagen Eos Turbo

Volkswagen Eos 2.0 FSI Turbo

Demonstration of CSC roof.
Volkswagen eos turbo Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. darijo203 says:


  2. TREYinGLAMIS says:

    hmmmm, that much be preeeeety pricy if it breaks haha

  3. SHAWTYZOOM says:

    @voxgateway hi have you had any leaks from your roof i really liek the eos
    and i want one but i been looking on line and i see bout leaks and all i
    wanted to findout as much bout it be fore jumping int o something and
    haveing to pay for mess!

  4. LeGozador says:

    I bought one ! :D :D:D:D:D:D!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LAtexStretch says:

    I like this car the BEST out of ANY hard top convert. Love the look of it,
    front, back and sides… What really blows me away is the fact that its the
    only one with a SUN ROOF as WELL as the retracting hard top, so If you ever
    didnt want too much attention, you could drop all of the windows and peel
    the sunroof back. Quality car, I’d love to own one.

  6. me too, this is why I asked, I’m sure he made a mistake

  7. Angela Kuehnert says:

    I love my car but, does anyone have a problem using so much oil before your
    next service

  8. voxgateway says:

    I bought my 2009 Eos LUX in July and I can honestly say that I’m in LOVE
    with this CAR!! LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it! best car I have ever owned.

  9. are you sure this is not the 2.0 TDI

  10. pasidisia says:

    here the eos is a lot more expensive than the golf edition 30….so…..

  11. I hope I get this car :)

  12. Rejekt176 says:

    I think I want this car! =^D

  13. eosforfly s says:


  14. harmankardonbose says:

    great car, I want one of this