Volkswagen Amarok Vs Toyota Hilux – XCAR

Volkswagen Amarok Ultimate

Volkswagen Amarok Vs Toyota Hilux – XCAR

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  1. XCARFilms says:


  2. XCARFilms says:

    #Toyota vs #Volkswagen The #Hilux up against the #Amarok – Which is
    the better vehicle?

  3. if Amarok can fly I would still go for Hilux …something about the
    legendary reliability you can’t get with other brands but toyota 

  4. Bas TrainsNL says:

    The amrok is nicer and better.

  5. XCARFilms says:

    What side are you on? #Toyota or #Volkswagen ? Check out the comparison
    here! #ToyotaTuesdays 

  6. toyota hilux will never fails you
    I have 1990 model it work’s to this time 

  7. kongresi manastirit says:

    always Toyota 4 me!!never any problems!And do not forget guys!!Remember the
    VW taro!!Nothing to do with the vw!It is Toyota top to bottom!

  8. Jeffrey Kee says:

    VW should consider selling the Amarok in the U.S. This would please
    urbanite hipsters who love their VW’s, they rarely go off-road. VW should
    bring the Amarok to the US and add an option for 3.0L Diesel that is the
    very capable Touareg Diesel auto four wheel drive. 

  9. I wonder why we never see any US trucks in all these legendary drives to
    Arctic or places like that. I mean it would be good advertising for their
    trucks so they could support such events. At least one of them can do
    something special from time to time. Or maybe they have done it but I have
    missed it?

  10. Martin Bang Olesen says:

    that vw front looks a lot like a dacia duster

  11. john oliver says:

    Put that amarok in the real workhorse world and see how long
    It lasts . They got issues here in Australia now . They just stop for no
    reason OH that’s right computer says no !! I can’t believe you so easily
    hood winked by a car like ride and interior. It must have been a Volkswagen
    paid for comparison ,

  12. oscar tapiero says:

    In real life wars the Hilux is the villain driven by warlords 

  13. gigologallego says:

    Hilux am I..
    best always..

  14. Lowrey Contractors says:

    We run both and have had lots of hilux and Mitsubishis over the last 30
    years. The VW amarok is a game changer its brilliant. The rest are for Fred
    Flintstone. You all forgetting you have to carry ten paving slabs in the
    japs to stop them letting the back wheels slide. The VW handles like a
    train on rails brilliant 

  15. Mick Dunn says:

    All that matters when comparing vehicles is…RELIABILITY!!..
    RELIABILITY..RELIABILTY! Not much good heading into the Outback in a
    flash ute that breaks down as soon as it gets out of range from the

  16. juan tafoya says:

    The Amorok is nice but the Hilux is more reliable and you never need to fix
    it, the Amorok will probably cost you 2x as much as Hilux with all the
    repairs and maintenance.

  17. khalid alj says:

    Amarok needs a bigger engine to overcome the Toyota Hilux

  18. bandwagon240 says:

    The only people who are going to buy the VW are people who just go to the
    shops and are brand snobs. They won’t mind it breaking down or falling
    apart since in their eyes, VW can do no wrong. I’ll take the legendary
    Toyota any day.

  19. Stephen N says:

    I am shocked that they haven’t brought this to the US yet. Americans are
    obsessed with pickup trucks. Perhaps they’re worried about market

  20. sebastiankina says:

    Amarok has everything but reliability! I am an not so lucky owner of a VW
    Amacrap and I had countless problems with the ABS since I took it from the
    dealer. Then at 30000km the engine block cracked, I had to wait 2 months
    for a new engine to be shipped from Germany since VW Argentina (where they
    apparenlty manufacture the truck) didn’t have an engine to replace. They
    replaced the engine and now I have diesel leaks from the injectors, and the
    replacement tyre you can’t use it when you need it because it gets stuck
    with mud (it has a steel wire cable, not a chain like Hilux). And the wrost
    part is that I also heard from the dealer’s technitians that the Amarok is
    plagued with problems mostly engine problems! VW has been using customers
    as beta testers.
    Sure Amarok is luxury compared to Hilux but I would gladly trade some
    convenience for reliability.

  21. No low range in a truck = not a truck and VW is known for bad electronics,
    good luck trying to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse in that piece of
    shit :) 

  22. cawagoshy says:

    my father bought a brand new Hilux back in 1999 and still going surviving 2
    major accidents and me and 2 of my teenagers brothers.