Self parking Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan Auto Parking

Self parking Volkswagen Tiguan

The new Volkswagen Tiguan parking with park assist.
Volkswagen tiguan auto parking Video Rating: 4 / 5

Volkswagen tiguan auto parking is listed in the Volkswagen Category.

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  1. skipperbonus says:

    Wowowow! i want it

  2. Maximilian Dummnichtswürdigkerl says:

    I hate you

  3. aladdin shabanov says:

    meanwhile in africa…

  4. hamstersong123 says:

    Bra sak igen en svenska mann XD

  5. ShineOnBling says:

    @rsxzx6r nahh asians cant drive, its a fact

  6. 04smallmj says:

    That’s soooo lazy. An automatic diesel with self parking? Can’t get much

  7. OakMoB510 says:

    @Animurh sounds great but hopefully it doesnt turn into a disaster if our
    cars ran on water our water supply would end later on in the future but
    like u said lets hope for a good future because if we keep this up well
    theres no future for us or are great great grand sons.

  8. Ibra Achmadov says:

    @vatan1923 this is for women ;) ) haha

  9. OakMoB510 says:

    I wouldnt be surprised if later on in the future we wont have to drive at
    all lol

  10. TheSanjMister says:

    @tom11zz884 kilometers per hour not mph

  11. Arnold Spurga says:

    what happens if you turn it on while your drivin down the autobahn?

  12. hamstersong123 says:

    @tom11zz884 sry not mph kmh LOL

  13. Balint David says:

    if this will happen to all the cars on the street, i will invent anti-radar
    cream , and paint all the cars i find on the streets ( on the front and the
    back of the car) :D :D

  14. Paul Ybarra says:

    in soviet russia you no drive car, car drives you

  15. Leonel De Giovanni says:


  16. JayGeePee1 says:

    Shit… I’d go parallel park for fun in that thing.