RoadflyTV – 2008 Volkswagen EOS Convertible Car Review

Volkswagen Eos

RoadflyTV – 2008 Volkswagen EOS Convertible Car Review

RoadflyTV brings you its roadtest and review of the new 2008 Volkswagen EOS Hardtop Convertible. For car reviews, videos, and one of the oldest and largest c…
Volkswagen Eos Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Volkswagen Eos question by ColombianMamii: In a year Will the Volkswagen Eos Price go down?
If the Volkswagen Eos price does go done in about a year, how much will it go down?

The price for one now is ranged from 27,000 – 30,000

Volkswagen Eos best answer:

Answer by tome79
wont go down

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  1. andrewcuclici says:


  2. I think bmw will compete with this with the 1 series though it rear wheel
    drive and the top is cloth i think.

  3. morgangamer22 says:


  4. stefanos spy says:

    ok… i want this car now!!!

  5. marco20089 says:

    este coche esta super chingon ya quisiera comprarmelo

  6. Anil Dalia says:

    Cool video. we are considering leasing the EOS. Hopefully the ‘tester’
    isn’t paid by VW! we have taken his opinion seriously. Thanks. AD, New
    Jersey, USA.

  7. allen green says:

    i like it.. i thought one would look nice…

  8. adamslurch71 says:

    @voxgateway To help you out a little, I’m 7’2″ and I find the little EOS
    extremely comfortable. everything is in just the right place and its an
    extreme amount of fun on the twisty mountain roads.

  9. Turquoise66 says:

    well, Ford is the best selling car in America and some countries in Europe.
    Ford number one in UK. Chevy and Ford are the top brand in Russia. the top
    five brands are Toyota, Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, VW. American cars were shit
    in the past, but recently they have become better. Ford beat out Honda and
    tied with Toyota as far as quality and consumer satisfaction. Gm is
    following suit by investing in their top brands. Chrysler…uh.. my
    favorites are still VW and Audi!! both European.

  10. My daughter has this car as a loaner. Rode in it today and it was
    incredibly fun, rides really smoothly, handles well. I’d be happy with one.

  11. Ramadan Jakupi says:

    of corse it is i got it in black with beige leatherseats and it looks
    pretty cool with 19inch rims i love this car

  12. EasternBlocCars says:

    the engine on the 2006-present Volkswagen Eos Engine 1.4L I4 1.6L I4 2.0 L
    I4 3.2L V6 3.6L V6 2.0L TDI I4

  13. it does not take a rocket scientist to push a button so WTF are you talking

  14. 1000Orgasms says:


  15. Is the Eos an entry level car for a hard top A4???? They are definately a
    cool car and a great way for the company to easy their way into that kind
    of car.

  16. Manthan Talati says:

    @adamslurch71 seven feet 2 are you kiddin me damn

  17. doctorpingu says:

    We have the limited edition ‘Individual’ version of the Eos. Shush a lush
    car :)

  18. Read between the lines: the Honda Civic SI is better

  19. @Mnog10 of course :D

  20. Different market here… These things start at $31k or so. I doubt anyone
    is going to cross shop this with a Civic.

  21. Vw E:05

  22. Ramadan Jakupi says:

    there are 2 seats in the back and its very confortable lg