Porsche Engined VW Type 2 Camper

Volkswagen Type 2 T2

Porsche Engined VW Type 2 Camper

Bubba’s Porsche engined Type 2 lifting the front wheels.
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Volkswagen Type 2 T2 question by sam: What are common problems on volkswagen buses?
I’m looking to purchase a t2 VW ( mid 70′s) bus for my first car on my own, and before I got any further into it I wanted to know what are common mechanical problems with these buses. Also, what are other notable problems and/or advantages on these buses? I know they are slow, and can’t do much speeding on freeways, but what about the handling, and doing different types of roads, anything you could come across in the mountains in all the seasons.

Volkswagen Type 2 T2 best answer:

Answer by br549
The major problems with the type 2′s is rust!

The next major problem is rust. Then there is also the problem they have with rust. Panel oxidation is also a problem!

They are fun, and as reliable as you make them. The require a bit of maintenance to keep in good shape, but can be very dependable. There were a couple of different engines used, and the later used the 2.0 Porsche engine. You also have to realize that you are looking at a vehicle with over 40 years of use on it! unless it has been totally restored, it will not perform as it did in 1975!

I have a 79 walk through with a stock 2.0 and a “freeway flyer” transmission. It can run 75-80 on the interstate. It handles like a refrigerator on wheels. Lot of wind drag there, but you get used to it. Technology has improved vastly since then, and most ANY 1970′s vehicle will drive and handle differently than what you buy today.

Advantages of owning one are: they are cool and get you lots of attention!

Look through this site BEFORE buying one. It will help.


Many will tell you to “get rid of that fuel injection and put carburettors on it” and those are the people who don’t or won’t take the time to learn FI! Not all were injected though.

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