Minivan Comparison Test Video – Kelley Blue Book

Volkswagen Routan

Minivan Comparison Test Video – Kelley Blue Book

Volkswagen Routan Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Nebojsa Luzaic says:

    This one is not fair at all Toyota is way better car then Honda Odyssey i
    don’t understand what do you people see in Honda cars please tell me that
    one.I saw 3rd row and it is way better then in Honda or Toyota is way
    roomier car then Honda, for me Toyota will always be #1 car in the world.

  2. Xenon AiR says:

    hondas are better because they dont have as many recalls as toyotas and
    last longer to HONDA FTW

  3. Bobby Uchiha says:

    Nissan Quest win!

  4. Jose Flores says:

    Sienna and Odyssey have always been the best minivans you can’t go wrong
    with either

  5. Matthew Catlow says:

    @thiefrules Toyota = more death.

  6. carlover2013 says:

    @joeyboync We have a Chrysler T&C too! We have had a few problems, but they
    were minor.

  7. GameRatedRKO says:

    @carlover2013 not according to any other video review out there, Honda
    Odyssey out does everyone :) Just sayin.

  8. Joe Poland says:

    dont settle for the rest, Chrysler is the best! I know, I have two of em!

  9. entertainedbyidiots says:

    i’m not gonna hate on other cars, but i’d always pick the honda/acura.

  10. Mbaze Pashtufu says:

    @wildcats520 what do you expect from akiea

  11. EpiDemic117 says:

    @DJEddieXZ 1999 accord coupe. 2.3 liter i4. Still stable and reliable as
    all hell.

  12. ApplePieManFromMars says:

    @saboobuu no actually its chrysler owns VW

  13. Yung Chan Jin says:

    Kia sedona offers you variety of comfort options and also large amount of
    space. Its better than the other four competetors:3

  14. Joshua Hung says:

    It’s not a very fair test to the Kia Sedona; I get that it’s hard to get
    the top-of-the-line trim for all the minivans, but this is the LX model I
    believe, so shouldn’t that have been mentioned? The EX model does come with
    power doors and trunk, a DVD player, leather seats, a sunroof, and more.

  15. AirCanadaA55555A says:

    @minivanman1356 Top seller don’t mean quality! Excluding the Routan even
    though it is a Volksed up Caravan, it is a plastic disgrace, an
    uncomfortable ride on the highway too!

  16. letour32rr says:

    Funny how they like the ‘cushy’ ride in the Sienna, but in the Chrysler it
    was a negative. We have a 2004 Sienna. While yes, it is reliable, it is
    miserable to drive. ALOT of road noise, completely unresponsive steering,
    interior is completely plastic that scratches easily, transmission has
    always jerked unless you ease onto the gas like it’s a stick shift. Oh, and
    it requires premium gas to get just 23 mpg highway….and that’s if you
    have an extremely light foot.