How to repair a broken VW Polo, Lupo or Mk4 Golf lock

Volkswagen Polo Mk4

How to repair a broken VW Polo, Lupo or Mk4 Golf lock

How to repair a broken VW Polo, Lupo or Mk4 Golf lock mechanism.
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  1. Silwin Pereira says:

    Hey. Thanks for the video. It was great. I poped out the lock ring and
    didnt know where everytibg went. Watched this and in 10 min fixed it.

  2. you only had to say bollocks once I had to say it a dozen times ,but got it
    done in the end thanks for a great video!

  3. Serbond R says:

    Great video, very helpful, when I dismantled my polo lock it was smashed to
    bits so I had no idea where half the bits went, reassembled in about 5

  4. TheCamshafter says:

    Just done this job today on a 2001 Polo 6N2 passenger side handle. Took me
    10 minutes removal and refitting. When removing handle from car, push
    handle forwards once torx screw is removed. Fit door handle to a small vice
    with a dish cloth in the vice teeth so handle does not get damaged. Make
    sure you remove any broken bits of metal first. When fitting new repair
    kit, use a pair of small long nosed pliers to hold the top spring outer
    bit. Push spring down with pliers and twist round clockwise and fit
    spring outer bit into the new lower castle part (part that gets
    broken) then you don’t need to make a shaft tool with the groove cut in.
    Took me two minutes all in to fit the repair kit. I finished off with some
    Teflon oil spray to make sure it all runs smoothly. Otherwise follow the
    steps on here. Good video but camera at wrong angle to see what’s going on
    when fitting up. Got kit of ebay. Cheap fix to annoying problem.

  5. Calum Taberner says:

    Cheers helped a lot, you can remove the handle without messing with the
    door cards just takes a bit of wiggeling, 60 seconds tops :) 

  6. Sunil Chauhan says:

    +MrFunkphenomenon great video! I am having a similar problem for my golf.
    Where would I buy the parts from?

  7. bigdaddy jap says:

    cheers mate that was very helpfull.

  8. Andrew Hillhouse says:

    This is great! Iv’e been living with this problem for over a year now. I
    can’t wait to stop having to lock my car from the inside and climbing out
    from the passenger side!

  9. MrFunkphenomenon says:

    @247iceb Google for “how to remove a lupo door handle” and use the link
    from the DIYNOT website to remove the doorcards. Once you have removed the
    upper and lower cards. Look in at the bit of the door that goes into the
    shut. There is a blanking plug above the door latch. Remove the blanking
    plug and use a hex/torx bit to loosen the screw off. Then the handle
    becomes looser so you can remove. Don’t undo it completely or it all falls
    apart and is a nightmare to reassemble.

  10. Duggie Chester says:

    Really great video. Thank you for this I have been working on the lock for
    hours, basically trying to work out the problem by methodical elimination
    with little success I might add. I will embark on the job tomorrow using
    the advice you have given on this video and let you know how I fared.
    Wonderful instruction, visual and verbal.

  11. MrFunkphenomenon says:

    Try putting the paddle on the lock without the spring, then see if the
    circlip holds it together.

  12. Brilliant video! Thanks so much, you helped a lot. My 2001 polo had three
    broken pieces in the lock and this video really helped me know how to
    replace them.

  13. This is such a helpful vid: I had to do both locks at the same time after a
    week with no door locks at all. Once you find the right tool to position
    the spring it becomes SO easy. Thanx dude, big respect!!

  14. Greg Bowman says:

    Just used to repair a 2002 VW Cabrio door lock. Thanks very much for your
    detailed instruction.

  15. Rob Pickles says:

    Very helpful thanks!

  16. MrFunkphenomenon says:

    Good luck – glad you found the video helpful. :)

  17. Thank you for your information! I managed to replace my Polo 6N2 lock based
    on your video.

  18. bikesandcars11 says:

    This works the same for mk4 Jetta’s too, the lock / latch just looks
    clightly differient. I ground a notch in a small screwdriver and used that
    with my fingers to rotate the spring around. This is very easy, the
    flashlight is overkill really.

  19. Christophe Amiet says:

    I had a p***** moment since I mostly swear in french but the result is the
    same, i can finally unlock my car without jumping through the boot. Thanks
    a lot for the video!

  20. Hello mate, thanks for the uploading this, took me all day to finally get
    it done but it saved me sh*t loads, very simple once you get everything in
    place still don’t know why it took forever. cheers

  21. Whole Sunday spent raging at the stoopid lock. New parts and excellent
    video: 3 minute job! Many thanks!

  22. Killinmehomes says:

    Thanks a million, I was getting pissed off, and you helped out!

  23. Jambacardi 24 says:

    Thank you .. a great video

  24. I too am having this problem, I can manage to do the spring bit and get the
    paddle on, but the last bit isnt holding them together. have been stuck for
    a while today with this! :( i tried taking the spring out just to see if i
    could get it on and all the barrel decided to get stuck at the bottom and
    came out.. finally managed to get that back to normal.. but still have the
    issue with the very end retaining clip. any ideas would be apreciated..
    and. oh. excellent video to the original poster!