Does it work? VW Tiguan self-park (2008)

Volkswagen Tiguan Auto Parking

Does it work? VW Tiguan self-park (2008)

The Volkswagen Tiguan that parks itself. Does it work? We test the self-parking system in the VW Tiguan – see more videos, news and new cars at…
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  1. macbookpro57 says:

    is that only available on the european model?

  2. kzalldaz says:

    It was purposely done because it was the best space to “test” the feature.

  3. antennadudedan says:

    I reckon, Id be cool… Pull up beside your park, tell the car to park
    itself. Jump out and head off to where ever you are going and let the car
    park itself

  4. antennadudedan says:

    But what this truelly puts into perspective is the fact that cars CAN drive
    themselves. With a large fleet of automated Taxis Running on Electric drive
    systems, their would be no need to own a car. Just jump in the nearest taxi
    and tell it where you want to go! The Venus Project, we have the
    technology. Let’s all evolve to bring it to reality!

  5. sideburns2009 says:

    lexus is toyota….

  6. or unskilled…

  7. KevinSoRandom says:

    Using a car’s self-parking system is worse than insulting yourself… you
    think it’s cool? Wait til it goes mainstream and people will start looking
    at those who use it are too stupid to park their own car.

  8. lennex88 says:

    who cares. it was just proving a point

  9. dennisfauchez says:

    does it do the clutch work too?

  10. donking2000000 says:

    @INFLUXDMUSIC In the UK it’s not illegal to park against the traffic. But
    this feature is silly…

  11. it could be a big challenge ..

  12. deskrabbit says:

    so in the video the tiguan had a manual transmission, so does that mean you
    have to give it gas? yeah, right? this technology is new to me so im

  13. blankone26 says:

    @halothreeaka3 I have the based model of the Tiguan – it doesn’t have park

  14. Rafael Elias says:

    cool man , it comes with all the tiguan’s versions?

  15. Sonny Crockett says:

    well actually i don’t care because you are the one argueing with a kid over
    the internet, so therefor, you sir, are a fool

  16. karlos8403 says:

    You can land a jumbo fucken jet there tyrone HAHAHA

  17. Alessandro Russo says:

    carro de aleijado

  18. that was a huge spot!

  19. LEGIONRAPAX says:

    where the fuck you see space for 2 cars?probably with back of the car in
    the street wich is not allowed

  20. hey, i just got a 2009 VW cc luxury, i have rear veiew camer and front and
    rear sensors..but why dont i gave that feature??

  21. sparks444 says:


  22. CARmagazineTV says:

    @ash7990 All the pedals you use yourself it’s just the steering it does for

  23. DooMMasteR says:

    british guy… so the parking direktion is all fine but in smaler streets
    in England 2way parking is no problem and no throttle and clutch ar to the
    driver (brakes too)

  24. yes they do, i’ve got one with the self-parking feature

  25. Sonny Crockett says:

    how did i get “shut the fuck up”? and you are still argueing with a kid
    what is the point? lol cocksucker