Car football – Volkswagen Fox vs. Aygo – Top Gear – BBC

Volkswagen Fox Top Gear

Car football – Volkswagen Fox vs. Aygo – Top Gear – BBC

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond captains his car football champions Aygo and battles against James May’s VW Fox team in a new Car Football World Cup Final. Which …
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  1. Berkant Cördük says:

    Best top gear video ever

  2. Theo Harrison says:

    up!’s are better

  3. i will never pay the TV license.
    BBC are playing with your money and some people around the world don’t have
    food to eat.
    £145.50 x 2 millions =????
    give me the answer 

  4. Gabbaknight says:

    If only normal football was this epic!

  5. Raziel Blackmore says:

    No, shut up.

  6. Andrew Hillhouse says:

    The Lupo was better!

  7. MenwithHill says:

    I think I can see how the Top Gear ideas department works : May, Hammond
    and Clarkson sit around in a room full of pot smoke and write down what
    comes to mind. Then the rest of the team drink a whole bunch and try to
    improve their proposition. Then a BBC executive walks in and discreetly
    hand them too much money while the crew sets up cameras, and then straight
    to broadcast.

  8. bucketslash11 says:

    no “what does the fox say” refrence in the comments?

  9. SavageInsight says:

    Brits in Minis vs German in Beetles!

  10. Marcus Vinícius Santos Sanches says:

    Fox’s dashboard is poor hehehehe…in Brazil almost all cars are
    poor…unfortunately we, Brazillians, don’t have nice options to buy…

  11. Arun Atwal says:

    wanna try this one day

  12. HondaSkyline369 says:

    BBC please re-upload this in HD! 240p just isn’t good enough anymore.

  13. Come to Estonia, its kinda sport here just like drunk swimming

  14. BritishOrangutan says:

    LaFerrari VS Mclaren P1

  15. raed helali says:


  16. kamille frey says:

    i just really got into soccer. watch at 2:45
    Top Gear – car football – Volkswagen Fox vs. Aygo – BBC

  17. Lloyd Fellon says:
  18. Lucas Goicoechea says:

    Jugamos un fulvito…
    Top Gear – car football – Volkswagen Fox vs. Aygo – BBC

  19. korovnikovd1 says:

    Car football to Rio 2016 !

  20. heartis TV says:

    Long live Volkswagen Foxes! Bravo!

  21. pizzalover913 says:

    Thumbs up if you want this job