BMX Pro John Ludwick’s VW Fox wagon and mini-tank

Volkswagen Fox Wagon

BMX Pro John Ludwick’s VW Fox wagon and mini-tank

John Ludwick’s and his friends take to the streets in a Fox wagon and mini-tank for a behind the scenes look at his feature in eurotuner magazine. The November issue is in stores now. For more…
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  1. ratiquin says:

    Fox wagon ? Aqui no Brasil esse carro é Vw Parati…eu tenho um Fox da uma
    olhada ai…FOX 17″- TQH

  2. imbored264 says:

    was the car and mini tank in a magazine? def seen them before

  3. pokerbmx1 says:

    3dislikes go ta VW !!

  4. marrrvvyy says:

    Shit car is shit.

  5. Ben Dubbin says:

    Soo Sikkkkk!!! I got my hands on a clean ’88 fox wagon. I love this car and
    can’t wait to stance!

  6. o tanque é legal, mas a Parati ficou uma bosta…. alias, esse carro é uma

  7. fat420cracker says:

    I wish I could find a Fox wagon. Those things are rare!

  8. Eurotuner says:

    Yes, check out eurotuner magazine this month for all the details.

  9. Johnny Napalm says:

    VW Parati in Brasil…

  10. I just sat in a fox wagon today at a junkyard.. I figuered it had to bee
    kind of special since ive never seen one

  11. aaman137 says:


  12. SCHIZOPHRENlC says:

    That min-tank looks dope! I wanna know what powers that thing. And if it
    launches potatoes!?