2014 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line 4MOTION ALL NEW Sport at Trend Motors VW in Rockaway, NJ

Volkswagen Tiguan R-line

2014 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line 4MOTION ALL NEW Sport at Trend Motors VW in Rockaway, NJ

R-Line is an ALL-NEW Trim Level!! R-Line body-color side skirts and rear spoiler R-Line multifunction steering wheel w/paddle shifters Aluminum Sill Plates w…
Volkswagen tiguan r-line Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. The Lone Voice says:

    Im just not a fan of the center console. The look is so dated. Compared to
    other models at the same price point, its the worst looking center console
    in my opinion.

  2. Aendil Dovimirt says:

    Is the manual with a dsg gearbox, is the block really cast iron?

  3. turboyz12 says:

    looks like it has a lift kit. lol

  4. Brandon Friesen says:

    Picking this thing up on thursday! :D Cannot wait to dump our lemon

  5. dinan545bmw says:

    wow! very sweet ride! how does it compare against their counterpart, BMW
    X3 model??? this sounds like a better overall value-added package,
    particularly down the road in terms of maintenance cost, etc, yes??

  6. TrendMotorsVW says:

    It is recommended for premium, not required. For me personally, I feel if
    you can afford a $40k SUV, then what’s $3 or so when filling?

  7. ItaliaMike says:

    Can you put regular gas in, and if so how reliable will it be, or is it
    recommended to put premium?

  8. TrendMotorsVW says:

    Good to know. I was told that the sensors will detect the lower octane
    level and adjust “things” accordingly, but I’d rather just run it at what’s
    recommended and not worry about it.

  9. Jay Anson says:

    Hello, I’d use Premium. I had an 06 Passat 2.0. Great car but at the time
    the company I was working for would not allow their sales reps to fill up
    their cars with any other fuel other than unleaded only. My fault, I didn’t
    realize the car recommended premium fuel until I noticed the label on the
    fuel door. I THINK VW recommends a certain octane is for the “burn rate” of
    their 2.0 engines. In my experience the car CEL wouldn’t go off.

  10. Jay Anson says:


  11. TrendMotorsVW says:

    Don’t you think if I could have I would? Sometimes it’s not too easy to
    hold the camera and move seats.

  12. Jay Anson says:

    They found that my camshaft needed replacing and the cylinders were miss
    firing. Though VW couldn’t rule out the damage due to improper fuel but I
    had a feeling it didn’t help. There’s a reason why VW recommends a certain
    octane for their 2.0 turbo engines. Now I drive an 08 Jetta. Though I miss
    that Passat.