2012 Volkswagen Eos – Drive Time Review

Volkswagen Eos Convertible 2013

2012 Volkswagen Eos – Drive Time Review

Drive Time review of the all-new 2012 Volkswagen Eos Lux by auto critic Steve Hammes.
Volkswagen eos convertible 2013 Video Rating: 4 / 5

Volkswagen eos convertible 2013 is listed in the Volkswagen Category.

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  1. Nebderf 350zHR says:

    so is there no manual version?

  2. InevitableBlue says:

    @305pride exactly

  3. hell yes steve you’re reviewing vws again.

  4. xxLaGrandeFalsaxx says:

    damn these f**k*ng screaming flowers ! I almost took a shot!

  5. ConnorLindfors says:

    Get the Volvo C70 ;)

  6. Steve, you are looking a bit shorter and balder at times. Have you been
    taking your vitamins?

  7. MikMayhem46 says:

    @khunopie vitamins? lol are u his nurse or something

  8. what?! steve! how come the incredibly old chrysler interface system found
    on the 200 doesn’t need to be upgraded, but this not too old looking
    volkswagen system does? makes no sense to me..

  9. TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

    @khunopie Ha, ha! There are 2 drivers in this video…test-driver Chris and
    me. He’s shorter and shaves his head…I’m going to guess you’re talking
    about him :-) Two TwinLab DualTabs everyday, baby!

  10. I’ve never seen a guy driving this car..and you only see this car once in a
    blue moon on the roads anyway. Seen waaay more New Beetles than these
    things. Wonder how many VW Eos’ are sold per year?

  11. Is every VW going to have that same front end. VW, come on, the old Eos was
    way better looking.

  12. juannavarro182 says:

    @James90992 there was an a4 cabriolet until a couple of years ago

  13. bah…

  14. stlchevy95 says:

    I love farfegnügen, but thats a bs price.

  15. To me this isn’t a redesigned car, its more like a refreshed than a
    complete different car. They only changed the front dats it. The inside
    looks the same as well as power. I don’t like the car I expected better
    changes and engines choices

  16. if it is RWD and V6, or Non-Rabbit Based, I see more buyers and more

  17. Shahul Usman says:

    It’s not a bad price actually… A loaded eos is under $40k… An
    equivalent navi a5 Audi cab is $55… Granted the a5 is much better
    looking, larger, awd, much nicer mmi infotainment packages etc… So maybe
    worth the $15k

  18. bmwmsport11 says:

    Why the hell do people say this car is girly and femanine?? It’s a damn
    convertiable! So it’s a convertiable, does it make a rich guy driving a
    rolls royce drophead gay? NO!!

  19. tomtom5418 says:

    @austinman1995 I have a 2011 gti with teh same 2.0T. I haven’t really
    noticed much lag. Maybe a little

  20. classicbomb27 says:

    you’ve got a voice made for a hollywood movie trailer

  21. MikMayhem46 says:

    do the 2012 jaguar xj please…….

  22. $38 GRAND. I almost swallowed my tongue. It looks like a golf
    convertible… for maybe $25 grand

  23. I like the fact that the radio antenna is built into the rear trunk lid.
    Giving the rear of the car a clean look.