2007 VW Volkswagen Eos – Full Car Review

Volkswagen Eos

2007 VW Volkswagen Eos – Full Car Review

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Volkswagen Eos Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. mohammed alswafi says:

    ترا ولد خالي ابوه اشترا وحدة

  2. volkswagenmember says:

    not a bad review.

  3. Pankrah1985 says:

    just got mine,2.0 fsi sport, love it ;D

  4. andy55055 says:

    do u live in sydney? did i see you speeding down victoria rd tonight?

  5. ragatwins69 says:

    The best convertible that I have ever driven, absolutely no flex or rolling
    in the chassis. I had 2.0 TDI which was great to drive and very economical.
    I could get from Marbella to Gibraltar and back about 3-4 times on a tank
    and I weren’t hangin around. My only wish would be a R32 version. What I
    also like is that you can ha the roof completely down or use it like a
    regular tilt and slide sunroof. Far better then E30, E36 & E46 BMW

  6. Just picked up my eos today! very happy.

  7. VW RULES :)

  8. Lysimachus78 says:

    I chose the VW over the BMW simply for the fact that it’s more versetile,
    and it has sun-roof built into the hard-top convertible. VW is recognized
    as a “luxury” car, ranked closely to BMWs and Mercedes. I think you’re a
    real stupid person.

  9. yruh8tinunme says:

    ive got a 2011 2.0 turbo, black with tan leather, manual transmission, and
    i friggin love it. amazingly the rear seat has alot of room, and the
    transition from gear to gear is soo smooth. some older cars(90′s and
    before) have very klunky shifts, but this is remarkably smooth. please dont
    drink and drive, and enjoy your vw’s ;)

  10. Lysimachus78 says:

    Also, just so you know, I checked the trunk-space after the hard-top was
    folded into it for BOTH the BMW 328i Hard-Top Convertible, and the VW Eos.
    The VW Eos has slightly more space after the hard-top is folded down into
    the trunk. BMW mostly just has the “name”, which is mostly what you’re
    paying for. VW has a name, but not as “big” of a name as “BMW”, but better
    features plus a decent name = A WiNNER for the EOS for me =D.

  11. andy55055 says:

    I’d learn how to spell ‘versatile’ before calling other people ‘real

  12. did he say 50 grand?!

  13. Ryan O'Callaghan says:

    Cool Review. Sounds like this guy’s a bit of a rev head. Is it filmed in