Yamaha R1 vs Police (SAAB 9-5 Aero)

SAAB 9-5

Yamaha R1 vs Police (SAAB 9-5 Aero)

EDIT: The officer driving the police car was later sentenced to pay a ticket, 19.000 SEK (€ 2000 // $ 2850). The reason was he didn´t obey order to abort…
SAAB 9-5 Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. StuffWithAlexGaming says:

    Finally! A country where they fine the police officer for endangering
    public and pursuing a bike posing no/little risk to the public! In the U.S.
    they simply congratulate him and give him a bonus for putting the public at
    risk and knocking a biker off of his bike!

  2. liam tremmer says:

    amateur r1 driver . normally that saab would get screwed in seconds .

  3. I too seriously doubt that was an R1. Even a rank amateur like that kid
    would lose a car on an R1.

  4. Shimon Krinsky says:

    He sucks at riding!

  5. Susta Rhino says:

    Irrespective of what the biker might have done, the Police behaved in an
    unprofessional and irresponsible manner from the outset – just pay
    attention to their dialogue.

    The Police committed a scandalous endangerment of this biker’s physical
    well being and even indeed his life!

    Deal with charging the Police first for their criminal acts towards the
    public in this instance and remind them of their good fortune that they are
    not facing manslaughter charges!

    In fact remove them from the Force and from the rest of us in society!

  6. Alan Turnquist says:

    Kid has no business on an R1

  7. The Police should have knocked this Loser off his bike … Lets get Tough
    with these yobs.

  8. the bike rider is a novice and I think on an r6 not an R1.

    Cop is an idiot and appeared to be trying to kill the rider

  9. Even my 8 year old guinea pig would drive better than the biker

  10. Verry Bad driver

  11. carlo garcia says:

    Firstly its called riding a bike not driving a bike,2ndly the rider must
    have stolen that bike and became lost because he looks unfamiliar with
    riding it and he had 8 minuets to find a main road or highway,such a cock
    head,i would never let cops get that close to my bike

  12. yamaha r6 gay

  13. bob smith says:

    Biker sux

  14. Francis Sanders says:

    you can clearly see this is a beginner biker and he’s so close at times in
    the beginning if the dude even brakes once out of lack of skill. he’s down.
    this police officer should be behind a desk and not the steeringwheel imho

  15. manosindianos says:

    Police Terror…

  16. Rob Sznajder says:

    If only the police recruited drivers :) id be on it :) 

  17. Max Floyd Rintluanga says:

    hey stupid-idiot-knucklehead-loser yes you the one riding YAMAHA R1 you
    dont know how to drive,why dont you surrender yourself on the first,see how
    much you are going to pay for the repair,if you dont know how to drive away
    from Cops just give-up.You got nice bike and stupid brain. the cops didnt
    stop you hahhaa you ran off the road hahahhahha you call yourself a biker
    screw it hey hey R1 rider try Bazooka BMX