Toyota Supra vs Saab 9000

SAAB 9000

Toyota Supra vs Saab 9000

Streetrace Tranås. Toyota Supra vs Saab 9000.
SAAB 9000 Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. youtuber000 says:

    @ZoDDyXXX “turbo era” — yes this title goes to saab. of course turbo has
    been around long time, no one disputes this…. but the turbo era .. yes
    saab created and dominated.

  2. jrodigan5 says:

    Wow! I wish I could find a deal like that. The cheapest one I could find
    that ran was $1500. lol ( I think thats around £900)

  3. jonaslundstrom says:

    yeah but who the fuck starts a race on the 5th gear from 80? then you are a
    complete moron!

  4. you’ve gotta be joking

  5. yeah, me too but… What STI is that…? 0-60 in 4.5? A saab…5.5
    stock?(any?) Saab is about real driving, not scoring. Power when it´s
    needed. 60-100mph in 6 sec. Or 37-60mph 4th gear in 6.5.

  6. johng85020 says:

    Anything is possible with enough cash. I have seen the FWD b234 engine put
    into a RWD BMW.

  7. Rubenvafan says:

    bougth a 9000 CC -92, almost no problems, there is a relay i have to
    change. gave about $100 for it :) made me happy :D

  8. @ButcherAkatsuki Who said all saabs gotta be fwd? check this out

  9. sharpshot411 says:

    dude go to any saab forum. saab is a turbo upgrade friendly care. and they
    have a strong block. ive seen the video of the 9-3 make 850hp and he doesnt
    even use nos.

  10. FuriousGopher says:

    Saab would probably win from a rolling start of 50 mph

  11. jonaslundstrom says:

    no they cant, but the supra can!

  12. Deltaspeed93 says:

    I love supras!!! But I would never trade my Viggen for one even if the
    supra has 1K hp and so many people drive japanese cars but the truth is
    when my grandma rolls up in the STi every weekend I thank god I have my 9-3
    Its a challange to tune but all of you SAAB fans know what I am saying when
    you walk up to your car every day you feel damn good to drive it! Thats
    more than I can say about any other car mazdas hondas toyotas nissans they
    all get old after a few months SAAB never gets tired!…..

  13. Evan Stone says:

    id like to see a 1.4 ton supra try and waste a normal saab 9000

  14. David Mulbjerg says:

    Dude, the Supra is NOT a racer. It’s as much a regular car as the SAAB.

  15. supras are for homo japs. SAABS cant beat a lot of cars off the line, but
    60mph + they own

  16. sharpshot411 says:

    saabs a sport luxury yo fool. what i wanna see is a supra race a 9-2x aero.
    saabs can make 650hp with stock internals.

  17. Deltaspeed93 says:

    I am not saying the viggen would win OFF the line, you are right!but a
    rolling start a viggen will win, 0-60 is just a selling feature. when I
    race wrxs from a start they usually jump about 2 car lengths by the time I
    hit 75 they are in the rear view, I have done my reaserch on all these cars
    and that is why I do not drive a sti or evo. I like both of them but unless
    its modified or the viggen is having some engine problems the viggen will
    usually out run either. dont get your pantys bunched!!!

  18. Looks like the SAAB caught him.

  19. xSuperDeeXx says:

    i gotta admit tha saab did pretty good keepin up wif a supra

  20. jrodigan5 says:

    Thats absolutely awesome. lol

  21. Cameron Flowers says:

    @ayrshiresoundman All Wheel Conversion. /watch?v=abTnQ-N4WNk Maybe I’m just
    biased, I do for the record, as well, like nissans and subaru (fuck honda)
    I won’t argue with anyone that the WRX is an engineering masterpiece, but
    Swedish creation can’t be topped. Look at volvo, the cars are utter
    monsters and practically indestructible and yet the v70 comes with 600
    horse, STOCK.

  22. impulsebmw says:

    Haha, I don’t like to get into other’s affairs – but your the dummy. Any
    Viggen would beat any evo or sti in any race over 25 feet.