theSAABguy Tips: How to remove a SAAB Fuel Pump

SAAB 9-3 Fuel Pump Replacement

theSAABguy Tips: How to remove a SAAB Fuel Pump

Some helpful tips to removing a SAAB fuel pump.
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  1. Siru martzu says:

    Thank you

  2. Richard Rice says:

    Worked perfectly! Got a 4″ DWV FEMALE ADAPTER HXFPT from Home Depot and
    used my PVC saw to make the “cut-outs”.

  3. eagletalonpl says:

    to get the ring off with out buying anything just get three people with
    flat heads and a hammer going at it with logic not to hard and move up a
    tooth every 3 taps will get it un done with some silicone or wd40 lube to
    grease it up.

  4. btmswhite4 says:

    Great video-we need more resources online for Saab maintenance and repairs.
    At home mechanics need to post more! Saab shops have the market locked up
    and know they can charge us a premium because of the nuiances involved. I
    have an 01 Saab 9-5. The ring diameter is 5.5″ and the 4″ PVC didn’t work.
    I was able to get a 4″ ABS end pipe to work. As a side note…DON’T FORGET
    TO REMOVE THE CAP ON THE BOTTOM OF THE PUMP! I learned the hard way and can
    now swap the fuel pump like a pro!

  5. piffdaddy420 says:

    lmao too bad i didnt see this when i did my fuel pump a few months ago. i
    got by on my own. but watchin this video would made it easier.

  6. nicksan11987 says:

    This vid rocks thank you i had no clue how to do this i have a saab 1999
    9-5 and every thing was just about the same.

  7. amslovely says:

    i just did this myself, and tried the pvc pipe idea to get the seal off..
    ended up using a rubber mallet and screwdriver to tap it gently and it
    screwed right off. much easier than these home-made ideas. also, for those
    who are new at doing this like i was, you can remove the top peice of the
    new and old pump to get it out of the rubber thing holding it in.. i
    figured that out a few hours into it.. yes..hours. -.- i love the idea of
    these kinds of forums for help tho=]

  8. I used two smaller water pump pliers, job done. (I decided not to usetry
    larger ones for some handy reason) I crossed them like an X and used left
    and right hand – push pull. I’m not even that strong (but kinda used almost
    all my strength for the short moment) and opened it. Couldn’t have been
    easier to be honest and theres basically no mark on it. I have cut open the
    pipe on the pump itself. I THINK I could plug the old pipe on the new pump
    again, it’s long enough , but I think I won’t.

  9. That was cool that ur wife/girlfriend helped.

  10. goigoitoy says:

    thank you for posting this info! how do you test the check valves? and
    remove them? will wd 40 work?

  11. patrickg420 says:

    they must of glued the ring, i welded a piece to fit in, and i parted the
    nut from the weld!

  12. wingerrrrrrrrr says:

    Nice video- btw were all those parts new? I’d imagine they’d be pretty
    gassy smelling if they were removed, for a dining room table anyway. I
    posted this some time ago (google “wingerr fuel pump retaining ring removal
    tool” ) you can see the pvc adapter I used is tapered so it fits more
    easily through the opening when using it, because the access hole in the
    floor is just a bit too narrow. If you have trouble, you could also cut a
    notch in the PVC to allow it to get past the oval opening.

  13. Jay Wells says:

    Thanks for the request. I’ll try and do this. I actually have a 99 9-5
    wagon that I need to replace the fuel filter on. The fuel filter is located
    just forward of the passenger side rear tire. If you look under the car on
    that side you can’t miss it. Two banjo bolts hold the fuel lines and one
    bolt holds it in place. It usually has a plastic covering over it, but you
    can’t miss the shape under there.

  14. Ron Rathburn says:

    Thanks for the video. Just changed one in my daughter’s 900 and I stole
    your PVC fitting spanner wrench idea. Worked great!

  15. So it is near the fuel tank I am getting all of these different ways to
    replace fuel pump.

  16. WarGamezzz says:

    i couldnt get the end cap to between the sheet metal on my 9k aero. haynes
    manual says to use a pair of large water pump pliers. Seems to be on there
    really tight too.

  17. Jay Wells says:

    @ronrath28 You didn’t steal the idea because I myself borrowed it. It’s a
    very cheap and useful way to do that job.

  18. AdirondackNY says:

    Carson is really paying attention like he’s going to be stuck putting it
    back together

  19. StressedYeti says:

    What year is this Saab? Mine is different (’86 SPG). However, it was @
    least insightful! Keep up the great vids :D

  20. Maris Laur says:

    Hi. To you know how to change saab 9-5 fuel filter? And can you tell where
    it is on the car? Can you do a video about it? Thanks!

  21. erab blake says:

    will a fuel pump from 1994 saab 9000 work on a 1989 9000 cd?

  22. Hamster Page says:

    Great Video!! I am getting ready to do this job myself. Nice to see it
    before I start.

  23. MuzickMannn says:

    Another great source for information! Saab has so many “tabs” and such
    holding parts in place, so it’s good to know to expect them and your
    ‘tricks’ come in handy. As well built a car as Saab is, it seems to have a
    lot of delicate pieces. Keeps me on my toes because it’s not fun to be
    working on one repair only to end up creating another! Anyhow-thanks for
    the video.