The Long Run – Saab 9000 @ Talladega Speedway 1986

SAAB 9000 Talladega

The Long Run – Saab 9000 @ Talladega Speedway 1986

The Long Run – Saab 9000 @ Talladega Speedway 1986.
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  1. 19 international records and 2 world records!

  2. MagnumReisenfeld786 says:

    Dnload the audio from this song at thetunify doht cohm.

  3. Mattias Ericsson says:

    saab rulz thats it

  4. smokyburnout says:

    i actually have the videotape of the 1996 test, but currently i have no way
    of uploading it to the internet…

  5. Thanks a lot.

  6. Slobodan Mujakic says:

    AND I AM PROUD OWNER MAY BE ONE OF THE CARS most reliable ever made

  7. all of the camera angles, the editing, the music, it’s like top gun with
    cars. I really love this video and wish more manufacturers would try
    something like this with their advertising.

  8. watch the 2 part “masters at the wheel” short saab racing documentary and
    look for old swedish rally and mote carlo videos then feel free to look in
    my “saab stuff playlist” there are several great videos outside of youtube
    but they can be hard to find, especially if you want to be able to use them
    without limitations

  9. fuckUmaddafakka says:


  10. Ambroise PELPEL says:

    Saab should have been in the guiness book for many reason … instead F___G
    GM scraped the brand …

  11. Luke Mallory says:

    that was effin AWESOME!

  12. BradRizzle7780 says:

    Average speed of 130mph, and i bet it still got over 20mpg.

  13. but why you sell it ? LOL XD

  14. Tänk bara det här…… full gas 10 dagar i sträck med en snitthastighet på
    200 km/h! Resultatet: 10 000 mil! Inte många bilmodeller skulle klarat

  15. Christopher King says:

    I’m 48 and I remember too and after a bunch of BMWs, SAAB 900Ts and VWs I
    just bought my first 9K in Edwardian grey. Also Stefan Edberg (and McEnroe)
    my fave overall tennis players. Serve and Volley baby! My 9K is here just
    cut paste Google: 12 October 2013 KingCast and the iPhone Say: It’s a
    Swedish Thing……. You Wouldn’t Understand.

  16. What SAAB did was that they took their new 9000 out on talladega for a
    nonstop, 20 day-and-night drive with full throttle all the way through,
    pausing only for refuelling, tire-, and driver switch. As a celebration of
    the successful drive, saab produced a special 9000 turbo with slight
    modifications, called ‘Saab 9000 Talladega’. That’s the history of the saab
    talladega. i hope this was helpful!

  17. 3st saab 9000 turbo -86 snitthastighet va 214km/h för snabbaste
    bilen(stoppen inräknad) dom andra tcå låg på ungeför 210km/h i 20 dagar och
    10000mil, 30 förare 21 internationella rekord och två världsrekord

  18. my dad has one of the special talladega’s saab with the destinct look and
    performance but… unable to drive caused by computer error and the only
    computer that can read him out is in Sweden.

  19. dude, i have worked on many saab 9000 turbos, and i have seen some that
    (the computer says anyway) that they have done 185 mph they are one wicked
    family sedan

  20. I am born swedish, when i heard of this, i was working then, i felt
    proudness of being a swedish, i am 48 these days, but stll remember it, :)