Steam injection test on Saab 900 Internal combustion engine, not HHO or water car but Hypermiling

SAAB 900 Engine Removal

Steam injection test on Saab 900 Internal combustion engine, not HHO or water car but Hypermiling

Steam injected into the manifold increases engine vacuum and torque, RPMs rise faster and the engine is de coked and cleaned internally, also the exhaust gas…
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SAAB 900 engine removal question by Joe: how to replace a 1997 saab 900 se turbo alternator.?
I just need to know how to get the alternator out of my car. i got a used alternator and just need to get the old one out. step by step instructions would be great. or email me at

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Answer by Funzzy
Removing an Alternator is a hefty task and should be done by someone who has knowledge of Saab vehicles.

Disconnect negative battery terminal
Remove the Serpentine belt
Remove the passenger front wheel and the plastic cover
Remove the wires from rear of alternator
Remove the upper alternator bolt using 8mm allen socket (make sure it is quality tool otherwise you may strip the allen hex area and then will be a major headache
Remove the lower alternator bolt which also 8mm allen carefully.
Remove the alternator. Now getting it out of the compartment is somewhat difficult. You may need to remove the front exhaust pipe to be able to do this. Try to remove it from the top of the engine compartment and if not successful, then go for the exhaust pipe removal.

Good luck as you will need plenty of it.

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  1. The guy I met also tried to plumb some of the exhaust gases back through
    the carb… as he believed something was happening to the exhaust gases and
    he thought he could recycle something… Don’t know how successful he was.

  2. The increase in performance is from the water turning to steam and rapidly
    expanding in the combustion chamber requiring less fuel to create the same
    volume of expanding gases to drive the power stroke. This is improves
    torque. The decrease in manifold vacuum is from the steam filling the inlet
    manifold and increasing the manifold pressure. The turbo spools quicker
    because of the increased volume of exhaust gasses exiting the combustion

  3. I met a guy who rigged his vehicle with something like this. He claimed
    better economy, cleaner engine exhaust gasses etc. Im not sure of the long
    term effects this had on the engine- Emulsification of the engine oil in
    the with condensation trapped in the sump when exhaust gases and steam pass
    the rings. -This wouldn’t be a problem in a Wankel Rotary engine.

  4. enginemaxcarb. says:


  5. Journalistification says:

    Another side note*** the steam/water gas/vapor injected to the throtle body
    may affect in a negative way the rubber seals by soften them and wear them
    out, or the sensors too But i cannot verify this just something to think
    bout it, on contrary if you inject it directly into a port you drill or
    have in the manifold of the intake side you can avoid any bad side effects
    it may occur and still make more power / more efficient engine. Good luck!

  6. Journalistification says:

    From eagle-reaserch dot kom internal combustion engines run/make power on
    steam not liquid gasoline or water etc…. liquid fuel it’s turn to fuel
    vapor/ gas in the process before power stroke but not all liquid fuel makes
    it to a vapor/gas form this is “wasted fuel” then gets trapped and burn at
    the cat. converter. By adding a gas (water vapor like you show or gas
    vapor) in the intake tube or directly to intake manifold ur are assisting/
    helping the engine to burn more efficient …….

  7. Ganesh man Lama says:

    Dear friend.Here is how much I know thats all.Of course engine will run but
    it will decrease quick acceleration.The power will obviously low because
    the suction intake will have less fuel quantity fuel air ratio will not be
    adequate.So though engine runs the power will be low. About the exhaust due
    to more vapor exhaust the exhaust particulars are also less.Also
    particulars are stuck in silencer box and pipe sides due to less heat and
    by pure exhaust all are pushed out by heat..

  8. Ganesh man Lama says:

    If you have more power in steam obviously it will develop forward push to
    piston down to develop extra power like in six stroke engine. pls check
    google six stroke.

  9. Adding water vapour causes complete combustion. There cannot be total
    combustion without water. Yes, we were all taught in school that you must
    have fuel and oxygen for combustion but a living cell does it better than
    any engine because it uses the third necessary ingredient – WATER!!! There
    you have it Watson, FUEL + OXYGEN + WATER equals fait accompli – another
    trinity of nature. You could take a chance and drive the car to see if fuel
    economy increases.

  10. turbomoore says:

    Fail. Injecting steam displaces air that would be used for combustion and
    heats up the remaining incoming air. Meaning the engine is breathing less
    air, making less power, and likely to predetonate. Intercoolers are used on
    turbo engines to cool the intake charge so more air can be pumped into the
    engine. Water injection does the same thing and works well too but don’t
    confuse it with this steam stuff. This demonstration is almost as pointless
    as HHO

  11. rachel asker says:

    this bloke is spot on WHY THE F ARE WE NOT ALL RUNNING A H20 TANK

  12. injection of water steam helps actually cooling down the manifold/throttle
    body. Nothing more. Your fuel efficiency is better because you’re
    concentrated more on ‘watching the gauge’ than on pushing it down on the
    throttle pedal ;) Anyway, I like people like you, because they’re so fun to
    watch ‘exploring’ the things that the hi-school physics textbook would
    overrule at the very first glance ;) Keep on, it’s always better than drugs :)

  13. you can’t see it but you can feel it ‘ steam= higher compretion

  14. @baggyaxewound~ u forgot to mention it will clean the valves and combustion

  15. gerhube2000 – It’s really hard to respect your emotional incontinence. You
    seem to get off on being angry and hostile. I don’t even think you care
    about the topic and that you are just spamming us. Go do something that
    really fits your level of ability — like learning your mother tongue.

  16. killbotexe says:

    Get exhausted wasted fuel because your air sensor senses higher pressure so
    it adds more fuel to the mix?

  17. BlakeMason2 says:

    You could just be throwing off the 02 sensor which faked out the computer
    to run the fuel injection at a better operating point. You really need to
    test it on a road trip under load AND under boost to see if MPG is
    increased. Slight changes at idle aren’t really significant. The best test
    by far would be to take your steampot and car to a dyno shop and apply
    steam under full boost and load and get a printout with the results.

  18. samandlauz says:

    Look. I am a doing a national diploma in motor sport engineering. I have
    studied cars and engines all my life and I know that you cannot run a
    petrol piston engine on steam. For a start, steam is not combustable so the
    spark plug will do nothing. Secondly if steam is the main fuel then you
    will have a lot of water in the cylinders which doesnt compress, therefore
    your engine will be blown to smitherines.

  19. I see here only idiots.Steam is hot water and from Chemistry point of view
    is a mix of Hydrogen and oxygen.hydrogen is the most energetic element in
    UNIVERSE.When is combustion in oxygen results 143 Kj for every gram of
    Hydrogen.Gasoline offer only 44 Kj of energy.So Steam INCREASE POWER OF
    steam is injected in manifold.chek on Google Patents Yuri Yatsenko US
    PAtent Application 021507 from 2007(September 20)

  20. Why bother with the steam generator? The inlet manifold vacuum will lower
    the temperature and condense the steam into water. Would it not improve the
    efficiency by just injecting water?

  21. Don’t get so angry… it makes people want to laugh at you and not take you

  22. john kruschke says:

    the steam does not burn, and takes up space in the combustion chamber,
    acting like nitrus-oxide does(increasing compression), also it steam cleans
    the parts in the pathway through the engine, and out of the tali pipe,
    furthermore as the steam is h20 in a mist(suspension in air), the carbon in
    the emissions of the engine drop out or the exhaust stream and are absorbed
    into the water vapour exiting the tailpipe(check for black coloured water
    in the tailpipe)– more later, best wishes

  23. This guy is a total amature!…He doesnt even understand that atmospheric
    humidity is responsible for the amount of steam coming out your exhaust.

  24. Robert Brown says:

    You need a lesson on vacuum gauges and manifold pressure gauges.